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Day 288: RHCP Beaded Bracelets

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I decided to give the whole beaded craft on a loom another shot. This time, I made 2 bracelets! On the 10th, I’m going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers play in Georgia!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! This is the first time they’ve done a US tour in almost 5 years, so when I heard about the tour, I immediately asked my mom for a ticket for Christmas, and she kindly obliged! They are probably my all-time favorite band… I’ve even seriously contemplated getting a tattoo based around their Californication album! At any rate, I decided to make myself a bracelet to wear to the concert!

This time I made my pattern in on the computer, and here it is.

The red sort of sun looking thing is supposed to be their logo, an asterisk. Here’s some shots of the progress.

I ended up having to make this a lot longer than I expected, so I ended up with a lot of white space, but that’s alright! After I finished, I wove the ends together to make it a solid loop. I made it with stretchy string so I can get it on and off pretty easily.

Somewhat hard to read, but I still like it and will wear it proudly next Tuesday! After I finished, I texted a picture to my friend, Brian, who is going to the concert with me, asking if he wanted one. He replied as predicted with, “Hell yes!” :D So, I made him one as well! I was running low on the white beads, so I replaced them with lime green. I also knew his wrist is a lot bigger than mine, so I put an asterisk between each letter. It’s not quite done… still have to weave the ends together, but here it is anyways!

I think it turned out pretty awesome, and Brian loves it! If I have time and enough beads, I might make some for the other two guys going with us! SO RIDICULOUSLY PUMPED!!! EEEEEEE!!!

Anna Grace


Delayed Posts Due to Technical Difficulties…

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So…. I’m getting further and further behind on posts. I hoped to catch up on some quickly by doing one song for each year like I talked about and busting through several in a day, but computer issues and just all around shitty situations this week have prevented that.

The piece on my laptop that has the keyboard and track pad isn’t working. I took it to the Apple store and they told me that it was no problem and I would get a new one for free because it was some kind of factory recall. But when he pulled up the serial number, he saw that I am past my warranty by 36 DAYS!!! So, therefore, it would be $160 to fix it… and I don’t have that money. If I have any extra money, it’s going to my car, rent, and the bajillion other people that want my money, and not towards a really old computer that has other serious issues! Needless to say, I didn’t get it fixed. The good news is that the hard drive and everything else work pretty much fine (I replaced the hard drive 2 years ago and got a bigger one), so if I use and external keyboard and mouse, I can still use my laptop. It’s a major inconvenience and sort of defeats the purpose of a laptop, but at least I can use it.

The other shitty (and I’m sorry to use that word… but that’s just what it is!) issues that happened this week are too numerous and ridiculous to name, and honestly I’m sick of thinking about it, so I won’t be posting again tonight. I will hopefully feel up to it tomorrow, but we’ll have to see!

I’m sorry I’m so far behind… but at this point, I need to just take a minute for myself and focus on getting through this crap. I will be completing this 365 project on time still because that is one firm goal I have set for myself, it’s just going to take awhile to catch up, so bear with me!

Send positive vibes my way!!

Anna Grace


Day 141(4 days late): Creep

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For this post, I did my take of Radiohead’s Creep with ukulele! Now, I did this song before when I was doing all of those Myspace Karaoke things, but I wasn’t very happy with the way it turned out and it looks like they’ve discontinued the karaoke feature :neutral: , so I don’t have record  of it anyways. Plus, it’s a song that I really, really love. The kind of song you can’t listen to without getting chills, in my opinion anyways. :cool: :)

For this recording I first recorded myself singing and just strumming the chords. I thought I did the strumming in a pretty even rhythm when I did it, but I then recorded another ukulele part plucking out the chord on top of that, and it was clearly not a set tempo… oops. But I think it turned out alright anyways. I then added some effects to the recordings to try and drown out the background fuzz a bit, which was abnormally loud for some reason… Just a heads up: this song has explicit language. I tried to leave it out, but the lyrics I was looking at still had them in it and I kept forgetting, so I ended up dropping the f-bomb a few times… Sorry! (Especially Grandmom and Mimom… :( ) Anyways, here it is!


I’m actually really, really happy with the way this turned out, awkward tempos and all! I think it’s such an emotion packed song, for me especially, that it’s hard for me not to convey that when I’m singing it. I also think the layering of uke parts makes it even better! :D

I had hoped to catch up on some posts today, but I’ve had a killer headache all day that feels like the beginnings of a migraine (I recorded this last night late), so many things I planned on didn’t happen today. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow!

Anna Grace


posts delayed due to power outage

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I lied. I didn’t catch up on posts yesterday. In fact, I didn’t post at all. That was because we had another big storm here in Knoxville and it caused over 100,000 power outages. My apartment, as well as my friend’s where I went, was included. I ended up staying with her and then we didn’t get power back until about 4 am. And now I’m home after work and I have power, but it seems my internet is still down. So, no posts just yet. Hopefully tomorrow!

There are many, many people still without power so keep them in your thoughts!


Day 131: Oh My Darling (Backwoods Country Style)

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I’ve been feeling kind of down the past couple of days for various reasons, so I decided I needed to do something funny for this project. So, I found the chords for Clementine for ukulele with all the verses, (or as they called it, the full story :) ) and recorded it with my best country accent! hahaha :D This definitely cheered me up because I kept getting so tickled at myself, it took me several takes because I was laughing to hard! I recorded a harmony over it on the choruses, but honestly I don’t think I sang it the same way twice! But that makes it that much better! So… if you want a good laugh, listen to this!!


HAHA! I feel much better now :mrgreen:

Anna Grace


delayed posts due to technical difficulties…

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So my charger to my laptop crapped out on me on Sunday, and of course I didn’t have any charge… so this weekend’s/ this week’s posts will have to be delayed for awhile. I could possibly do posts on my phone, but It’s really hard to type and WordPress doesn’t work as well. I’m going to keep working on projects, but won’t be able to post any until the charger comes in, which will hopefully be this week!!! Bear with me!!


delayed posts..

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As you may have noticed, I’m a few days behind on posts. Finals has put bit of a damper on the blog. And today I drove straight to Nashville right after work, and am leaving tomorrow morning for Atlanta and my cousin’s wedding! I hope to get at least one quick post in tomorrow, but no guarantees… I will definitely catch up ASAP! Just bear with me!

Anna Grace


Postponed posts… STILL! Left phone @ work…

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So… epic fail on my part. I did do a post for day 75 (Sunday) yesterday, but I fell asleep before I remembered to post it! And I was going to be behind a day, but I wasn’t too worried about it. Now, I actually did a project at work todat, but I forgot my phone there, which has the pictures on it… So it looks like I’m even further behind. And, I have paper due tomorrow, and today was horrible, so, yeah, you don’t want to hear my rants. BUT I will try and at least do one or two posts tomorrow after class (and I get my phone back…)! So, be on the lookout for days 75-77 over the next few days! I will get caught up, dangit!


Day 65 postponed due to test

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So… I’ve already done the majority of today’s project, but I want to really get a decent post about it with better pictures, so I’m going to have to postpone it. Test and part of a project due tomorrow!!!


Day 54 postponed due to illness

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Stomach viruses suck…