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Day 92(3 days late): Paint Chip Card

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

As I mentioned before, I am currently in Atlanta for my cousin Matt’s wedding! The rehearsal dinner is tonight, but we decided the present from my sister and myself would be appropriate to give them tonight, instead of tomorrow. I will post what I made later after they see it, but I also made a card for them!

Over the past few weeks at work I’ve been organizing and reordering the big books of color chips. I would take out ones that were messed up, so in the end, I ended up with a huge stack! Instead of throwing them all away, I kept them and took them home thinking I would make something out of them! Here’s about half of them!

Anyways, I will probably use these for many, many projects, but today, I used them to make a card for my cousin and his wife! I just stuck two gray shades together and cut a square out with pinking shears, then did the same with a red and another gray (the bridesmaid dresses are red…). On the front gray side, I wrote their names with a red sharpie and drew some swirlies on the other side. On the red I wrote our message to them, and on the back gray side, I did some more decorations in red. I tied these two sides together with red wraphia!

Gotta run!!

Anna Grace


Day 91: Month 3 Recap Video

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Well, we’ve made it to the 3 month mark! I’m a quarter of the way through this project! Hard to believe, sometimes! Like in the past two months, I made a recap video. (Music is the Guilty Ones from Day 70.)

It’s been quite a ride so far! 91 days down… 274 to go!

Anna Grace

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Day 90(1 day late): My Junk from Spring Awakening

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I was listening to my music on shuffle today while studying, and Spring Awakening songs kept coming on! I took is as a sign that I needed to record a song from it for yesterday’s project! I decided to do one of my favorite songs, My Junk. For this one, I decided to record the guitar part using multiple recorder parts. I recorded 3 (sometimes 4… for like 2 measures) on Soprano Recorder, but they were an octave too high, so I put them down an octave in Garage Band. I then recorded the main vocal part and one of the harmonies. This took forever!!!! For whatever reason, I had a really hard time getting the rhythms to line up with the recorder. Sometimes it’s still a little off and the harmony is sort of iffy, but oh well!

My Junk

I think all things considered, it turned out pretty well! I like to do all recorded instruments and not have any midi ones from garage band.

Look out for today’s post later… It’s the end of month 3, so I’ll be doing another recap video! :D

Anna Grace


Day 89(1 day late): Photoshopped Self-Portraits

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

For yesterday’s post I decided to play around with photoshop! I just took 3 different pictures of myself and edited them. Here’s the original first one.

I took this photo a week or so ago when I was trying to get a good picture of my new glasses. I posted a similar photo on facebook as my profile picture, but I liked this one as well! So, I just took it into photoshop, lowered the saturation a little and cut out my lips (I was wearing my favorite hot pink lipstick, so I thought I’d highlight how bright it was, although in the final pic it’s a little less saturated, believe it or not!). I then unsaturated the background sans lips a lot more where you can just see a hint of the color, and used the water color feature on the background as well as the lips that I had pasted on another layer.

The next picture is another one I took that day.

For this one I cut out my lips again and lowered the saturation, used the glowing edges filter on the background and raised the saturation, and the accented edges filter on my lips.

The final picture is one I took yesterday after I dyed my hair (the first time I’ve done it myself since it’s been red and with a different product), so I could show it to my friend. I fail at taking pictures of myself with my phone, BTW. And I wasn’t wearing any make-up

So for this one, I just used the torn edges filter with the color I wanted selected, then filled in the white. I think it turned out pretty cool!

I heart photoshop!

BTW I should get caught up tomorrow on posts!!

Anna Grace


Day 88(2 days late): 3 Harder Recorder Duets

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I know, I know… more recorder???? But these duets I chose are ones in that bunch of 20 that I’ve been avoiding because they were a little high and I didn’t know the fingering, or had accidentals (and I didn’t know the fingering…), but finally decided to tackle them! These are all alto recorder with soprano fingerings.

The first one is Far Og Søn. I hadn’t done this one mostly because that highest not is really hard to get out… so sorry for the shrilling! But I really like the lower part!

Far Og Søn

The second one is Pentaton melodi. Pretty much the same thing one this one… really high note! Sorry it sounds so gross… you have to push a lot to get that note!

Pentaton melodi

The last one is Allegro, and it had a lot of accidentals that I was unsure of the fingerings for. I sort of botched some of this one, but I think it turned out alright, all things considered!


For those keeping track, I have, so far, done 17 of the 20 Easy Recorder Duets for Children… so… only 3 more! Each of those are even harder, for various reasons, so I think I’ll wait a bit before tackling them!

I’m slowly catching up!! Yay!

Anna Grace


Day 87(3 days late): 8 Easy Recorder Duets

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I’m doing a lot of recorder duets right now… sorry! They’re a quick and easy way to try and catch up on some posts!

This set of duets is a little bit better, because it’s more than just a few! I recorded the first 8 duets from Tom Horn’s 20 Easy Recorder Duets for Children on Alto Recorder (soprano fingerings). I did it all as one track so I wouldn’t have eight few tracks that were like 20 seconds long :) . Excuse the sniffling between songs… The songs in order are 1. Enten – Eller, 2. Skyggespil, 3. En spadseretur, 4. Alfedans, 5. I skoven, 6. Pardans, 7. Roturen, 8. Gadedrengens sang.



Anna Grace


Day 86(4 days late): 2 More Recorder Duets

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I had every intention of posting this last night… in fact I had logged into Word Press and everything! …And then I woke up with my face on my keyboard 2 hours later, hahahaha!! So, yeah, better late than never!

Anyways, for this post I did a couple more recorder duets. They’re from that same easy duets for kids thing. The first one is called Hinkeruden. I recorded it on Alto recorder with soprano fingerings. It was pretty simple to do!


The second one was called Pimpelmænd. Also recorded on Alto recorder with soprano fingerings. I tend to do that a lot… I like the way the alto sounds better than the soprano… Anyways, It was also pretty easy, so there you go!


SO! I’m going to try and get a few posts in today, although my throat is killing me for some reason and I’ve got to get to studying for my exams… :(

Anna Grace


Day 85(4 days late): Custom Frame

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

So, I started this project at like 7 pm… but was doing several different things at the same time and my first attempt failed. I’ll get into that in a bit, but that’s why I’m posting this at 3:15 am… (but I’m changing the publish time to earlier so it will dated April 30… just for my sake of keeping track!)

So, about the project! I’ve been working on a piece that I will post on Saturday. Since it’s a present, I won’t give anything away yet, but I wanted to frame said piece. I couldn’t spend a whole lot and I didn’t want to just give them a boring old frame, so I decided to get a plain black frame and jazz it up a bit! Here’s a ridiculously blurry of the frame before…

I’ve seen people use silver leaf on frames and things like that before, so I wanted a look like that… sort of distressed/aged silver. But when I got to Hobby Lobby, their silver leaf was like $12+!!! So I ended up browsing around a little bit and eventually found some silver acrylic paint for 3 bucks. And then I found a one step crackle finish product for 2 bucks!! JACKPOT! So I got all that, went to the grocery store, came home, had dinner, and then got to work! Well I started painting the silver on, and it was really, really streaky, so I decided to do two pretty thick coats. So, it took a bit for them to dry, between and after. Then I just brushed the crackle finish on top! Well, after waiting 2 hours (!) for it to dry and finish it’s crackle magic, It had crackled the top layer of paint, but you couldn’t see the black at all!! If I wanted that I could’ve just bought a silver frame and been done with it. So I tried sanding it down a bit in some spots to try and distress it a bit, but all the paint started peeling off!! So, I ended up having to scrap all of the paint off and start over…. and that took a long time! (And I’ve got bit’s of silver paint chips in my carpet… cleaning tomorrow!) At any rate, for the second go round, I just did a light brush of the silver, purposely leaving it streaky so you could for sure see the black! I topped it off with the crackle finish and waited…. forever. (Well, I was dying my hair at the same time, so it wasn’t like I was sitting watching paint dry.) Now that I’m finally finished, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Close-up sans flash to see the crackle!

I love the way this looks! And I think crackle finish and I are going to be BFFs! Can’t wait to see how it looks when my present is all finished!

Day 86 coming up in just a bit!

Anna Grace


Day 84(5 days late): 2 Recorder Duets

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

So this is a fairly short and easy project, but I’m trying to get caught up!! So, I recorded two recorder duets from  20 Easy Recorder Duets for Children by Tom Horn. The first one is called Nissedens. I recorded both parts on the soprano recorder. I only did one take of each, so forgive the mistakes!!


Since that was only 20 seconds long, I recorded another one! This one was called Tag-fat and was recorded with alto recorder with soprano fingerings. It took a lot longer because the way the rhythms of the two parts worked well when together, but when separate, they were sort of confusing. Also, all the written B’s were supposed to be flat, but I just couldn’t get the fingering down that way, so I just kept them natural…. It makes it sort of strange sometimes, but oh well!


I’ve got two more posts in the works today, see be on the lookout later tonight!

Anna Grace


Day 83(5 days late): Dad’s Birthday Present!

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I’m finally done with my papers!!!!! I turned them in at 11:30 today and it felt amazing! I’ve still got 3 exams over the next 2 weeks, so the posts might be a little spotty, but I thought I’d try and start getting caught up!! So sorry for the delay…

So, Monday was my dad’s birthday! I had already started his present on Day 64 by doing the mold and cast of my hand. I started today by using a sanding sponge to even out the plaster. It was really hard to get into all the little crevices and my hands were starting to hurt, so I mostly just smoothed the rough patches a bit. Then (after getting all the dust off) I used a creamy beige sample jar of paint with equal parts water and did a wash over the whole thing. I was going to just paint it straight on, but I was worried about it getting too thick and not being able to see the wrinkles in my knuckles and things like that. After that, it looked a little too much like a real skin color and I thought it was sort of creepy, so I made an even more diluted wash with blue paint and went right over it. It’s very subtle, but you can see where it settled into some of the holes. I wish I had gotten a progress picture, but I didn’t :( . After that, I looked around online for a bit until I found this traditional henna tattoo, and I copied it in a brown paint on my plaster hand. It was really hard to get all the little details, even with my smallest brush, so I just did my interpretation of it. In the palm, I made a heart since it’s for my dad. :D

For the bottom, I wanted to write some sort of quote about a father and a daughter holding hands or something, but I couldn’t find any that I really liked, so instead i just searched for quotes with hand in them, haha! I came across this one by Leonardo da Vinci, and I think it works well!

So, Happy Birthday again, dad! Can’t wait to give this to you next weekend!

In other news, I mentioned yesterday that we’d had some pretty severe thunderstorms/tornadoes in this area on Wednesday (which was part of the reason why I didn’t finish my papers sooner…). Here’s some pictures of the damage the golf ball sized hail did to my car…

That’s the hood of my car… There are some dimples on the side as well, but the roof was the worst. I don’t have a picture of that.

Apparently some hail jumped up and broke my passenger side blinker…

My windshield got really cracked… here’s the passenger side (from inside the car)

That’s the driver’s side.

While this sucks and all, I am very very lucky that this was all that happened! Many cars around me had windows completely busted out and many houses and other properties were damaged. My county was lucky in that we didn’t have any deaths, but South of us, there have been well over 100 documented deaths so far, and there are still people missing!! So please, keep everybody in your thoughts and prayers!

Anna Grace