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Day 50 postponed, internet down!

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So we had a pretty major lightening storm today, with a big bolt striking down near my apartment. Apparently it knocked out our internet… so no project today! (On my Droid right now) Look for one tomorrow, internet permitting.


Day 49: Quick Rendered Room 2

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Today’s project is another quick rendering like in day 21. Like last time, I started by creating a quick room in SketchUp. I decided that today’s room would be a bedroom with a soffit, because in the last several days, I have had multiple people at work ask me how to paint a room when they have a soffit… But I’ll get to that in a minute. At any rate, here’s the room before photoshopping.

Pretty self-explanatory. BTW I didn’t create the doors… I found them in the 3D warehouse.

Anyways, I rendered it in photoshop much like the last time using different images I found and adding a lot of effects.

So, about the paint colors… It is my opinion (and I think the general opinion of many designers?) that when you have a ceiling with a soffit, the goal is to highlight the architectural detail and make the highest part appear to be floating. Therefore, I have been telling people to pick a shade for their walls, then go a couple of shades lighter for the underneath of the soffits (keep in mind that colors appear much darker when they are on the ceiling. Many people who want the ceiling just one shade lighter than the walls will get the wall color at 1/4 formula, or 75% lighter, to use on their ceiling) and then for the highest part of the ceiling, choose a darker color than the walls. Also, I have noticed that usually one paints the sides of of the soffits the same as the main wall color. I think this rendering illustrates this idea of the shades of paint for soffits fairly well, except for the fact that I wanted to add an accent wall :D .  By the way, all of the colors I use in renderings are Benjamin Moore from their website, so if you want to know what they are, just ask in the comments!

Interesting side note: the image I took the bed from for this computer rendering was one I used my Junior year in a hand rendering exercise! I’ll have to dig around and see if I can find it…. if I do (highly unlikely :) ) I’ll post it!

Anna Grace

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Day 48: Tissue Paper Flowers

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Today I was sitting on my couch contemplating what to do for today’s creative project, when I kept glancing at my extremely empty looking vase from day 8. I finally decided that I should make some flowers out of something to fill it. And it just so happened that my massive box/overflowing pile of Bags And Bows tissue paper was sitting right next to it… Jackpot! So there you go. I was going to do a step by step guide to how I made these, but there are hundreds of tutorials online for them already, so I’ll just show all the pictures (a little smaller than normal because there are a lot of them!). Just google “tissue paper flowers” and click any of the links for the how-to.

Here’s the tissue for the first flower.

Instead of trying really hard to find colors that were similar, I found similar shades in patterns. I knew they weren’t going to look real, so I might as well have some fun pattern in there!

tissue pictured: Blue Paisley Sparkle(discontinued), Damask Brown Aqua, Gemstone White Diamond, Peacock Blue, Economy Light Blue

Accordion folding tissue

This is the finished bloom after cinching it with wire, trimming it down a little (I just tore the edges to add to the texture rather than cutting), and pulling apart the layers of tissue.

Close up

I then wanted to create stems for the flowers, but didn’t have any pipe cleaners like the tutorials suggested, so I tore up some strips of different green tissue papers……

AloeCeleryApple Green Houndstooth, Green Paisley (discontinued)

… and wrapped them around the wire.

Finished! 4 more to go…

Purple tissues

Vines and ButterfliesPlum, Lavender, Chickadee Floral, Mist

Finished purple flower!

Red/Pink tissues

Red Houndstooth (discontinued), Waxed Cerise, Gemstone Ruby Red, Economy Pink, Damask Pompeian Red

Red/Pink flower finished!

Yellow tissues

Buttercup, Yellow Dot (discontinued), Economy Yellow, Ivory

Yellow flower done!

Orange tissues

Carmen PlaidOrange, Moroccan Sparkle (discontinued), Goldenrod, Metallic Dots

Orange flower finished! DONE!

Finally! All the flowers in the vase!

Anna Grace


Day 47: Bath Junkie

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The other day I was looking on Groupon and came across a coupon for $50 worth of stuff at Bath Junkie for $25! I had never been to Bath Junkie before, but had heard that it was really awesome, so I decided I buy it and split it with a friend. Bath Junkie, for those who don’t know, is a store where you can make customized bath products such as scrubs, shower gels and lotions. They also carry some products that are pre-scented if you don’t want to go through the process of picking one of there many, many scents! When we came in, we were first shown a few already scented scrubs, of which we were able to choose one to try. Then, while our hands were still wet, they squirted some Body Dessert Shea Butter Allover Conditioner on them, and I have to say, my hands have never felt softer! After that little testing session, we were directed to a wall of customizable products that we could use with our groupon.

After debating for a long time, Whitney and I decided that we would split a tub of the exfoliating salt scrub we had tried, and then we would each get one more thing. I decided upon a perfume roller ball, and Whitney decided to get a lotion that was supposed to heal dry skin, as well as cuts and scratches (which she gets a lot as a busy nurse). We then had to pick out scents!! There was a bar in the middle of the store that had tester bottles of all the scents. It took a really long time, but we finally decided! (By the way, you can choose up to 3 scents to mix, but we were so overwhelmed, we decided to just do one for each product, which was more than enough!)

Then we went over to the mixing counter where they mixed everything in big metal bowls.

All those bottles on the walls are all the scents you can choose from and the tissue paper represents the colors!

They started by mixing our scrub, which they very willingly split in half and scented differently for each of us! Whitney decided to get hers scented with the “chance type” scent, which imitates the perfume by Chanel, and then had it tinted a light green. She had the lotion tinted and scented the same. I had my scrub scented with almond and tinted purple.

Bowl of scrub with scent and tint before mixing.

I told the woman helping me about my blog and that I was going to use Bath Junkie as today’s project, and she graciously offered to let me help mix it!

Finished! Isn’t it a pretty purple? The pic doesn’t do it justice.

Then, for the perfume, I decided to scent it with “pink sugar type” which is supposed to be like Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. I honestly had never heard of this scent before, but once I smelled it, I loved it! It’s described as “a playful blend of vanilla and caramel, fresh and light… experience notes of bergamot, orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, cotton candy, musk and wood.” All I know is I like it! To mix it, the woman helping me just added a perfume oil base (I think? I’d stopped paying attention…) to the chosen scent and shook it by hand.

Shake it up, Baby!!! (Twist and shout…)

Finished Perfume!

This was so fun! Although Bath Junkie is somewhat expensive, it’s a great place to get unique gifts for friends, family or yourself! They also have some good gift basket packages to choose from. I think I will definitely be coming back again! They also had some really fun/cute graphics everywhere, so I thought I’d just show you this one :D

At the cash register.

So fun! Sadly the fun ends tomorrow as classes start back from spring break. :( Not too much longer!

Anna Grace


Day 46: CaD 365 Crossword Puzzle!

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For today’s project, I decided to make a crossword puzzle! It’s all pretty self-explanatory…  I used this site to make it and used things from my blog as the clues and answers. Most of them you would know if you’ve been following at all, but some you might have to dig a little! Let me know in the comments if you would like the answers!

Create A Day 365 Crossword Puzzle

Anna Grace


Day 45(1 day late): Chattanooga Pictures

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As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Chattanooga for an overnight trip on Thursday. On Friday, we went to this awesome place called Aretha Frakensteins for brunch, which was amazing, but took a long time!! Too many people wanting good hangover food, I guess! Anyways, while driving over there, I was noticing some really cute/fun looking houses, so on the way back, I had Perrin slow down so I could take some pictures! I took all of these pictures with my Droid using the Retro Camera App. Here’s just a few.

First shot I took

I thought the Suntrust building was a cool mix of modern and old.

Really like this one for some reason…

Awesome green house!

Another house!

I liked the butterfly roof on this building.

First Tennessee bank… this is my favorite pic :)

Random billboard for the Center for Advanced Lung Care with giant lungs on it… it looks pretty hilarious to me!

And when I got back to Knoxville, I had to go to World’s Fair Park because it was so beautiful out, so I took the opportunity to take a picture of my Glitter Toms with the Sunsphere to send to the website’s How We Wear Them section. :P

This was a pretty awesome trip. I’m sad that I have to end spring break and go back to school on Monday :(

Anna Grace


Day 44 (2 days later): Just Dance videos

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So on Thursday  I went to Chattanooga for my friend’s birthday! I had to work all day, so I didn’t get there until pretty late, so I didn’t have time to post. Anyways, as you know, it was also St. Patrick’s Day! So pretty much more than enough reason to celebrate! We went out to dinner at this place called The Terminal Brewhouse, which was amazing! (I had the FruFru and a couple Amaretto Sours :D ) After that we went to this pub called Hair of the Dog, where we had a few (read: a lot) more drinks! And then we went back to my friend’s house, and that’s where the real fun began! We busted out the Wii and decided to play Just Dance 2, while I, in my inebriated state decided it would be a good idea to record it for my blog! I debated back and forth wether or not to post these videos because a lot of my family read this, but it was a lot of fun, and I feel the need to share! :D All I can say is it was my friend’s birthday, I was out of town, it was St. Patrick’s Day, and in the middle of Spring Break so… sorry Grandmom and Mimom!! Also, ignore some of the cursing that happened… sorry.

Anyways, my friends Josh and Brian were first to take center stage with “It’s Raining Men!” It was pretty hilarious, but I won’t post that here so I can save it as blackmail :mad: . After that, the birthday girl, Lauren and I danced to Move Your Feet by Junior Senior! I apologize in advance for the upside-down filmography, dropping the phone, and the 20 seconds of the dog licking Josh’s face haha!!

I also enjoy how Brian says, “Good girls” after we bow haha! I am definitely not a dancer, obviously, and it’s even worse in these circumstances…

After that, Josh and Brian danced to A-Punk by Vampire Weekend, which was for two people. There was a pretty hilarious almost ballerina part that is the sole reason I am posting this video, because my commentary definitely isn’t necessary, particularly the drunken singing…!!!!! And apparently I have a ridiculous cackle…

The last song I recorded was Call Me by Blondie as performed by Perrin and Josh… Yet again, ignore the singing and commentary other than my “bowm bowmmm” where I was singing the guitar part hahah!!  And I love “Shaffer’s so like, indie-folk!” haha And apparently I thought filming Brian was a good idea… Also, this got cut off early because the night watch person came and told us that the people below us filed a noise complaint… oops. It was like 2 or 3 am…

At any rate, this was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and I was glad to get to hang out with some of my friends I don’t see much! Look out for days 45 and 46 later tonight!

Anna Grace

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Days 44 and 45 postponed

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Hi friends. I’ve been out of town the last couple days and unable to post, and now I’ve got to bed…. look for those two posts tomorrow!


Day 43: Face In Hole Creations

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Today’s project is one that didn’t take me long at all. A few years ago, I came across this site,, which is sort of like photoshop for dummies! The site has well over 1000 images to choose form that you can upload your picture into! It’s really a fun thing and I could probably make 100s of creations today if I wanted to, but I’ve narrowed it down to 10… which is still a lot! I got a little carried away…

I started out with some works of art :)

Birth of Venus by Boticelli

Bacchus by Caravaggio

Then I looked under the Miscellaneous and Costumes categories.

It’s so painful to be a Butterfly sometimes!

This is my emo side :)

Then I looked at Movies.

I should wear my hair like this every day!

Or maybe I should do the Hepburn up-do?

Nope. Definitely this hair style. :???:

Jake, you don’t have to know how to quit me!

And finally, I went to the music category.

Lady Gaga’s ridiculous costumes make for ridiculous photos…

I don’t make the best Madonna, but I had to include her…

This was a lot of fun, and if you’re looking to have a good laugh and waste some time, I definitely recommend checking out that site!

Anna Grace


Day 42: Psalm 98 Trio

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Singing in church the other day reminded me of a song that I used to sing with my sister and our two best friends. It is Psalm 98 as written by Wally Joiner, Jeanne Joiner & W. Hang, who had a christian record a long time ago that I for the life of me couldn’t find any images or recordings of online to show you. My mom wrote out the parts for us and we sang it a couple of times, I think once even at a wedding? Anywho, I thought of this song and decided that I wanted to attempt singing with myself again. This was a lot harder than anything I had done in the past because when you’re singing it live with others, somebody is either bobbing their head or doing something to keep the beat and show when to cut off, but I didn’t have that luxury… so the s’s are all over the place and the timing is a little iffy. The “make a joyful noise” part felt really rushed, but I remember it feeling that way when we performed it several years ago, too. And my mother is probably listening to this and appalled that I breathed in the middle of the last word! My lungs aren’t what they used to be, so I had to! At least it’s at the same time in all the parts, I guess. :neutral:

Psalm 98

The tenor part was a bit low, but I managed! Hope you enjoy it!

Anna Grace