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Day 177(3 days late): 3 Recorder Duets

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

Busting out another quick post today in the midst of packing with 3 easy recorder duets I found online and recorded in one take.

Double Diamond

Drunken Sailor

All In Love Is Fair

Got some serious double-tonguing practice on the Drunken Sailor!!

Anna Grace


Day 176(3 Days late?): Font Sketches

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

Not 100% sure how many days late I am at this point… I need to double check, but I will probably not get any posts in tomorrow because I really need to focus on packing… I will catch up ASAP probably in a week or so!

Today I just sketched out the Alphabet in a font that I like to doodle with sometimes. Pretty simple and self-explanatory!

This is a super short post… sorry!!

Anna Grace

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So this is just a short easy post to try and at least get something in, even though I’m working and packing like mad!

One of my favorite Beatles songs is Across The Universe, mostly because the lyrics are just so awesome!! Everything is just so eloquently put, so I decided to just type out the lyrics and make a digital art piece surrounding/behind them, making the lyrics themselves the focus. I realized the other day that I usually always like songs purely for their musical value, which is not necessarily a bad thing! But, I oftentimes don’t even notice the lyrics because I’m so focused on the music! So, I’ve been looking more deeply into lyrics of songs to try and understand them and like them for their poetic genius, as well as the killer music! That’s the main reason I wanted to do this project. I mean, who else comes up with phrases like, “Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox?” Pretty amazing…

At any rate, after finding a suitable font for the title and then for the lyrics that you could still easily read, I found an image of rain on a window that I used as the background. I adjusted the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast a bit then used the watercolor filter to give it a bit of texture and hide some pixelation that occurred. I then found a sort of organic scroll image (it took a ridiculous amount of time to find one I actually liked! I thought about drawing something myself, but my scanner isn’t working :cry: ) and made it two different colors. I put it in the corner and adjusted the opacity a bit so you could still see the image behind.  I made the font a contrasting purple color to the green scrolls and I was done! Easy enough, but I think it came out pretty spiffy!

So there you have it! Not much more to say about this… so… bye?

Man am I awkward… :cool:

Anna Grace


Day 174(2 days late): Regretsy Tarot Card

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

As you all probably already know, I follow quite a few blogs, some more regularly than others. Most of them are creative projects like mine, but some are purely for entertainment value! Regretsy is one of those! (Be pre-warned before clicking that link… it is most definitely not-safe-for-work and has some graphic images and a lot of cursing) It’s a site that makes fun of some of the ridiculous stuff that people try and sell on Etsy. The creator of Regretsy, who goes by Helen Killer (really April Winchell), is the most blunt, snarky, and sometimes vulgar person ever, but everything is so ridiculously hilarious!!! I find myself crying over the things she says!! Regretsy is also the only site that I actually scroll through and read all of the comments, because the people who read and comment are just as hilarious, if not more as HK herself! But the great thing about Regretsy is that while everything is a huge joke, it also does a lot of good for people. HK donates proceeds from various things on Regretsy every month to someone in need, such as someone who needs medical treatment, just lost a job, or any other thing like that! (Check out April’s Army the last week of every month for some amazing products artists donate with proceeds going towards that month’s charity!) Anyways, the newest fundraiser that is going on is the Regretsy Tarot Card Project! This is a Tarot Card deck that is designed after the most memorable parts of Regretsy, with the proceeds going to this month’s charity! At any rate, HK decided that she was one card short, and she’s put on a competition with the readers to pick the best one! The rules pertained only to the size and resolution of the card and the theme should be Towel Mike. So… to give a short explanation (because this intro to this post is getting ridiculous), Towel Mike is a Regretsy fan who one day decided to send a picture of himself half-naked in a towel to April… who in turn posted it onto Regretsy, and now he’s become a major part of the site with his own facebook page and Mike Monday’s on the site. :) So, he had to be part of the tarot card deck!!

Now, I had thought about this for awhile and couldn’t really think of any ideas, until one of the readers who goes by randomtask said that she had an idea and a sketch for a card and was wanting to team up with someone who could translate it to a digital image in photoshop… so I volunteered! She sent me a couple of scans of her sketches, this being one of them:

Basically she wanted the original Towel Mike picture with the glowing head of Jesus and the sacred heart. She also added in the email that she wanted to put April’s head in the corner “looking down upon
Towel Mike like those Jesus pictures old ladies seem to love and plaster their house walls with.” HAHAHAHA!!! And she thought Mike should be surrounded by “angels” that were some of the best Regretsy items with wings. Pretty amazing and hilarious idea! So, here’s what I came up with in my artistic ability and mad ‘shoppin skillzzzz!

I think it turned out pretty amazing!! The angels in this are the Hellephant (which is my personal favorite :) ), the Gumball Head, and the Level 4 Cat (which spawned many many many reader submitted amazing photoshops and a competition!!)!! I think it’s pretty amazing and while winning a prize would be nice, I had so much fun doing this, just the fact that April will see it is enough for me! Thanks to randomtask for the inspiration… we make a good team!!!

The top submissions will be posted tonight and voted on by HK and Towel Mike and announced tomorrow, so I’ll let you know if we win!!


Anna Grace

Yes, I’m a couple more days late, but like I said this week is crazy… so yeah.

Anyways, since Monday was July 25, I decided to do a Christmas song because it’s Christmas in July! :mrgreen: So, I hunted around for awhile, and finally came across this arrangement for three treble voices of Silent Night. I think it’s actually a pretty good arrangement of it! So, anyways, I just recorded all three parts and that was that! For some reason lately, it’s been recording like a popping or cracking noise… I’m not really sure what that is, but just try and ignore it!

Silent Night

The highest part was really high!! At least higher than I’ve sung in awhile… so I cracked a bit. And I couldn’t take it any lower because then it would be too low for the lowest part! But oh well!

Merry (July) Christmas!!

Anna Grace


Day 172(1 day late): See You

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I was totally going to wait and post this later this week because it’s going to be insane at work (2 people will be gone, so I’m working 6 8 hour days in a row :shock: ), but I’m so pumped about this that I couldn’t resist going ahead and posting it!

You’re probably looking at that title and thinking, “See You? What the heck is that song?” Well that’s because it’s a never been released song by my sister and yours truly! You see, when my sister and I were younger (I’m thinking like 4th grade for me and 6th for Kat?? idk… what do you think, Katherine?) we used to spend hours rocking out with our Beanie Babies in the roles of Hanson, Spice Girls, or any other group we were interested in at the time, but we also wrote our own original songs! We called ourselves AK Original which stood for…. Anna Katherine Original, duh! I don’t think we ever named this song (or if we did I don’t remember it…), but it was one of our favorites, along with another one I’ll call Swimming… Kat you know what I’m talking about! But anyways, I decided to call this one See You. We only ever came up with one verse (the last one in the recording) a chorus and a part I’m calling the bridge when we were younger, so I quickly made up two more verses. The words are very simple and somewhat juvenile, but we were kids when we started this, so I just went with it :) and I wrote them in like 20 min. Then I just came up with some simple backing chords on ukulele! The uke “solo” at the beginning and after the bridge were already part of the original song so many years ago… we just used to sing it haha! At any rate, I recorded the ukulele parts, then the melody, and finally the harmony! Here it is with words below just to clarify! Keep in mind the final verse is the one we wrote forever ago!

See You

Chorus x2

When I wanna see you all I do

Is close my eyes and think about you

When I wanna hear you all I do

Is close my eyes and listen to you

Verse 1

Some just don’t see

Why you want to be with me, but

We, we can agree

That their thoughts don’t matter, it’s just you and me


Verse 2

I, I miss you

But you’re still here living in my soul

We, we’re meant to be

Two birds of a feather sing in harmony



When I wanna see you all I know

Is that you should be with me so

When I wanna hear you all I know

Is that you should be with me so

(UKE SOLO!!!!! :cool: )


Verse 3

I, I love you

I cannot recall when I didn’t love you, woah

You, you and me

Together forever on love we can agree

Chorus x2

Oh man, does this bring back memories!!! And I had soooooooooooooo much fun doing this! Next time I see my sister, we totally need to collaborate on something else! I miss those days! :cry:

Just a heads up: Like I said, this week is going to be crazy, and so is next week because I’m preparing to move Aug 6th, so I might fall behind a bit on posts, but I’ll be sure to catch up ASAP!!

Anna Grace


Day 171(2 days late): Shadow Of The Day

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

Today’s post is one of my favorite Linkin Park songs, Shadow Of The Day! Many people may make fun of me for the fact that I like Linkin Park so much, but honestly you need some good screaming music sometimes! This song is actually probably the calmest song they’ve ever done, and I like that too! I love that they can do the hard-core screaming songs and then do something as soft a delicate as this song! I don’t have their newest album yet, but I think Minutes to Midnight is my favorite album so far!

Anyways, in this recording I recorded me plucking the ukulele chords first, then the melody, and finally a harmony part. The harmony is pretty high, so I cracked a bit, but I tried it down an octave and it just wasn’t the same. So deal with it! haha just kidding :)

Shadow Of The Day

I’m pretty happy with this recording! I might venture out to a bit harder LP songs (maybe Crawling with recorder???? :D ), but we’ll see! Boo on LP haters! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace

Here’s one more quick acapella recording to get another post in tonight. For this one, I decided to do U2′s Where the Streets Have No Name (Bono’s hair in that video is pretty amazing lol). I’ve been a U2 fan probably since I was in my mother’s womb…. my dad is a huge fan of theirs, and I think secretly (or not that secretly actually…) he wants to be Bono! :D We went to the Vertigo tour in in Charlotte back in ’05 and it was uh.may.zing!! Definitely an experience with my dad that I’ll never forget! And my dad went to the show in Nashville a few weeks ago and said it was even better… JEALOUS!! Anyways, since I love U2 so much, I’ve been wanting to do one of their songs for awhile. This is one of my favorite songs, but I think I’ll probably be doing a more elaborate U2 recording at some point.

Where the Streets Have No Name

I know I’ve posted this picture before, but I think it’s appropriate for this post! A few years back, I did a portrait of Bono for my Dad. He loved it! And here it is:

I think this is definitely one of my favorite portraits I’ve done, and I’m glad that it was received so well!!

Anna Grace


Day 169(3 days late): Champagne Supernova

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I had a completely epic recording planned out for today involving voice, ukulele, and recorder, but then I burned the crap out of my finger at work this morning and I can’t play uke :cry: And it hurt like hell, too!! I went around the store helping customers and mixing paint with a piece of ice in a paper towel on my finger….

But anyways, since I couldn’t do what I originally had planned, I just did a quick recording acapella. I decided to do Champagne Supernova by Oasis mostly because it’s such a mellow song and I’m just chilling after work, but I also really love it!

Champagne Supernova

Enjoy! One more post coming up in a bit!

Anna Grace


Day 168(3 days late): Hot N Cold

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

So I’ve fallen yet another day behind because I was so tired after work yesterday that I just vegged out and then fell asleep. So sorry, but it was needed!

Anyways, this post was going to be a simple recording, but then I started playing with Garage Band and ended up actually making it pretty elaborate! :mrgreen: The song I decided to do was Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. Say what you want about her and her songs… and her over-the-top/cheesy sexual referencing, I love Katy Perry and her music is just so dang catchy!! You can’t deny that they get in your head so easily! (I will say, though, that the first verse in “Firework” kills me… metaphors involving plastic goods should not be used in song lyrics. :neutral: ) Hot N Cold is probably one of my favorite Katy Perry songs, and definitely one of the most catchy (except for maybe California Gurls), and I had it stuck in my head today, so that was my choice! Then after searching around for awhile, I figured out that the ukulele chords were very simple and basically just repeated over and over (except for the bridge… but I just left them the same. It still seemed to work ok), so I recorded myself playing the chords a few times and then just repeated it in Garage Band for the whole song. And I actually used a strumming pattern instead of just a bunch of down strums! :D I’m still having so trouble with strumming evenly, but I think I’ve improved a lot with practice! Anyways, I then sang over the ukulele track. I had a hard time getting into the rhythm at first on the verses, but I eventually got the hang of it and my throat’s sort of sore today, so I just did one take. I played around with the effects for a bit on both of the tracks, and then decided that with the effects it needed some drums! So I searched through all of the beats that are already built-in to Garage Band and found one I liked! I thought it needed a little something extra on the chorus, so I added a clave beat to it (wanted to do cowbell :mrgreen: but it wouldn’t load for some reason :( )  and then I added a crash symbol at the end. Finally, I recorded the background “you…. but you” part during the chorus and used a radio effect on it and I was done! Without further ado, here’s the finished product!

Hot N Cold

I’m really, really happy with this one and had so much fun playing around in Garage Band! It reminds me of some of the first music projects I did, and I think I want to go back to that for a bit, while still incorporating real instruments!

Good luck getting this song out of your head!! :D

Anna Grace