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Today I got a chance to record the song I had written out yesterday. Like I said, I just adjusted the volume of each of the parts so that the one I was recording was loudest and easier to follow. Here’s the finished product!

Mama Who Bore Me – Reprise

I think it turned out really well! It’s pretty short, but I think it’s one of my favorite acapella, multi-part songs I’ve done!

Anna Grace

Like I said the other day, I want to eventually cover all of the songs from the musical Spring Awakening, so today I started on another song, Mama Who Bore Me – Reprise. You may remember that I already did a song called Mama Who Bore Me, along with another song acapella a couple of days ago, but this is the song that goes between those two. This is where all the girl singers come center stage to join Wendla in singing about her lack of knowledge that I talked about last time, and is also the first taste of the rock and roll style and edginess that are throughout the musical.

I decided that I wanted to record all of the parts to this acapella. At first I tried just looking at the music while singing with the track, but I had a hard time making out the individual parts, so I had to write them out in Garage Band individually. Well, it took quite a while to get the parts all written out, so I didn’t have time to actually record them today. I thought I’d go ahead and present what I have to you so you can get a glimpse into my process and how much goes into some of these pieces I do! Here’s just the garage band midi piano with all 5 tracks at equal volume.

Mama Who Bore Me – Reprise (Practice Backing)

When I record all the parts tomorrow, I will take it one track at a time and reduce the volume of the other tracks so the one I need stands out! It’s sort of a long process, but I think it’s worth it to make sure I hit all the right notes! I look forward to recording this tomorrow!

Anna Grace


Day 213(10 days late): Month 7 Recap Video

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7 months through this project!!! As usual, I made a recap video of this past month’s creative projects!


Anna Grace

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These two songs, Mama Who Bore Me and All That’s Known, are two more from the musical, Spring Awakening. They’re both fairly short, so I decided to just record them together as one track. The more I think about it, though, these two songs are quite appropriate for each other! They both are the songs where we meet the main characters. Mama Who Bore Me introduces Wendla and is about her want for knowledge of sexual things and her mother’s refusal to tell her. All That’s Known shows you Melchior, who is quite the opposite in the fact that he knows probably too much about such things, and everything in general, and when he tries to speak his mind, he gets in trouble for it.

Mama Who Bore Me_ All That’s Known

At this rate I’ll have covered all the songs from Spring Awakening, so I might as well keep going!

Anna Grace

I discovered yesterday that I could still play soprano recorder with my cast on, but not alto. Normally I would record everything with the alto recorder because I like the sound of it better since it’s not as high and shrill, but I made an exception today since I hadn’t done anything on recorder in awhile.

I hunted around for quite a bit until I found a duet on called Minuetto per due flauti becci in G. It looked like fun. so I thought I’d give it a shot! Well, it was a lot harder than I originally thought, so I had to practice it a lot. It was also really high, which added to the difficulty of it. At any rate, by the time I finally recorded it, my hand/wrist was really sore from all the practicing and so I just sort of rushed through it. There are TONS of mistakes and parts where what I played isn’t even remotely like what is written! But somehow, when it all came together, even where I screwed up seemed to work! I do apologize for the shrill squeaking, though!

Minuetto per due flauti becci in G

It’s a really bad version of what could of potentially been a good duet, but that’s the best I could do for now!

Anna Grace


Day 210(12 days late): Salmon with Cucumber Salsa

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Today I was trying to figure out a good way to use some of the frozen salmon fillets I had when I came across this recipe for oven roasted salmon topped with homemade salsa! Remember that salsa I made last weekend with my mom? Well, I decided to use some of the ingredients I had left over from that and make another salsa using what I had on hand. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any onions or fresh cilantro, but I did have some cucumber and a tube of cilantro (see below), so I decided to make a spicy yet cooling cucumber salsa to top my salmon!

I started by putting the oven on 375 to preheat. Then I sauteed some garlic in a pan (maybe about one clove) with some vegetable oil and then let it cool. Then I took my cucumber and cut it into chunks, then diced it up in the food processor!

I drained it off as best as I could without losing too much before mixing it with the garlic. Then I chopped up the big beautiful yellow tomato from my church’s garden! After that I squeezed some of the cilantro in and added salt to taste. It says on the tube that 1 tbsp equals one bunch of cilantro, but I found that I needed way more than that and used about half of the tube!

Like last time, I tested the flavor of the salsa before adding the heat. I didn’t have any chips left, so I ended up using pringles! It was a very interesting combo, but I liked it! I thought the salsa was missing that bite of the fresh onion, so I added another clove or two of the raw garlic. Then I chopped up the red jalepeno from church I had left in the food processor and added it a spoonful at a time until it got spicy enough. Here’s the finished salsa!

Isn’t it a pretty green?? I think it came out beautifully, although I think I had something on my phone, so the pictures didn’t turn out…

While I was making the salsa, the salmon was roasting with just a light salt and pepper seasoning. I baked it for 12 minutes, but I think it was a little overdone, so next time 10 would probably to the trick. I topped the salmon with the salsa and I was done!

I have to tell you, this was so good!! The cucumber made it very refreshing, but the jalepeno added a nice kick and flavor which worked so well with the salmon! I went back and added more salsa after this shot because it was so yummy! So it looks like I can experiment in the kitchen and achieve greatness!

Anna Grace

For this post, I hunted around for awhile trying to find a website or something new for inspiration and I came across the Crayola website. I saw that they had coloring pages online that you could print, so I originally thought I would save them as pdfs and color them in photoshop. Then I realized that they had an area where you could color them in online and print them out or save them, so I decided to do  that instead!

The first page I did was of a scarecrow. It was really hard controlling the little pencil with my trackpad, so I definitely went outside the lines quite a bit! But I did try and give it a little depth by layering colors. I used the colored pencil tool for this one.

The next one was of an astronaut and I used the crayon tool with a bit of “sparkly” crayon! Keep in mind that I purposefully chose wacky colors! :D

I so thought this was going to be a quick and easy post, but it ended up taking awhile just because it was so hard to control! I don’t know how kids could do it, but I guess staying in the lines is even less of a worry than with me!

Anna Grace


Day 208(11 days late): Cast Doodles 2

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As you should know by now, I have a broken wrist. I showed you the doodles that covered my first cast a few weeks ago. Well, two weeks ago I had to get another cast because the old one was too big after all the swelling went down. For this cast I decided to just have people sign it and draw on it (even m boss’s three year old…) except for one spot that I dedicated to one of my favorite sites, Regretsy.

There’s a secret part (and by secret I mean that you just have to know the password, which is EVERYWHERE!) of Regretsy that has members only posts. The club has a different name, but for the sake of keeping this fairly PG or PG-13, I’m calling it Club F. Well, people have the hardest time remembering the password for some reason, so Helen Killer has had a few different contests where people can submit photos including the password… cf4l, which stands for Club F 4 Lyfe!! Yes, that’s purposefully spelled wrong. For the current contest, you were supposed to submit photos of the password reminder at famous landmarks near where you live. Being in Knoxville, I, of course, wanted to use the Sun Sphere in a picture…. and what would make it even more hilarious would be having the password on my cast!! So I doodled the password with different colored sharpies, and gave it sort of a flame effect.

Well, I went out after work today to try and get some shots of my cast in front of the Sun Sphere, but it was very overcast and dark, so I couldn’t get a good picture. I decided that I would just photoshop my cast into a picture I already took! I mean, bad photoshops are a big part of Regretsy, so why not! so here’s what I ended up with!!

Some pretty obvious photoshoppery, but I sort of feel like that’s the point! I’ll let you know if HK features my password reminder!

Anna Grace


Day 207(11 days late): The Song of Purple Summer

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Keeping in the theme of the last post, I recorded another song from the musical Spring Awakening, The Song of Purple Summer. This song is the last one of the musical and the one where everyone comes back to center stage, together. Honestly, this song was never one of my favorites of the musical, but I really like the harmonies in it, so I thought I’d give it a shot with multi-part acapella.

I just sang the parts while listening to the track and looking at the sheet music. The lowest part, when it first comes in, is a little low for me, so forgive the cracking!

The Song of Purple Summer

I think it turned out pretty well, especially considering I only did one take for each track! I’m glad I got to bust out a few posts today… hopefully I can catch up soon!!

Anna Grace

This song is another one from my favorite musical, Spring Awakening. This song is a duet between two of the characters, and is one of the most pivotal moments of the play. I just recorded both parts acapella.

Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind

I love how these two songs meld together. It’s like Moritz’s innocent past being sung by Ilse tries to remind him that there are happier times and can still be, but Moritz can only think about all the sadness of the present, and unfortunately that’s what wins in the end. Everything about this musical is amazing!!!

Anna Grace