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Day 266: The One That Got Away

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Katy Perry, who is an artist I really love (as you probably already know), is so good to her fans that she made a youtube video of the lyrics and chords to her song, The One That Got Away, so they could do covers of it! She has asked all her fans to record videos of themselves preforming it and post them on youtube with “My “The One That Got Away” Cover” in the title, and then they will pick their favorites to post on her youtube channel and facebook page! So, I decided, why not? And so I made my own cover!

At first I thought I would do the chords on ukulele since I don’t have a guitar, but it was in an awkward key for uke and I’ve been having issues with my RA in my left hand. I ended up entering the chords into the GarageBand app on my iPad and use the Smart Guitar to strum the chords while I sang! You can’t see the iPad in the video, but it’s definitely live while I’m singing! So, sorry for mistakes! I look like crap on camera and it’s extra awkward because I was looking back and forth between the lyrics on my laptop and my iPad, but whatevs!

I hope I don’t always look like that when I sing… But I think the song itself turned out pretty good! I hope Katy features my video!! I’ll let you know if she does!!

Anna Grace


Day 265: Flower Hair Clips

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

When I was at Hobby Lobby the other day, I discovered some plain metal clips to be used to make hair accessories! They happened to be on sale, so I got them along with three flowers that could be added to them!

This  might not be a super creative project, but it did take some effort to stick the flowers to the pins! I couldn’t find my extra hot glue sticks, which is what I originally intended to use, so I used Gluefast Duo dots instead! We sold these things at Bags and Bows to use to hold stuff in gift baskets (at a lower stickiness level, though), but I bought them to adhere samples to project boards for studio! They worked great for studio, so I thought I’d give them a shot for these hair clips. And they worked! There was still some stickiness around the clip and in the little slot, so I used white tissue paper to cover those spots so they didn’t get stuck in my hair!

So! Here are the completed hair clips in my newly dyed hair! (It turned out super bright red at first so I was able to dull it some with a darker color, but the pics really don’t do the brightness justice… but I love it!)

I can’t decide which one is my favorite… I love them all! You better believe I’ll be wearing one to work tomorrow! And I’ve got a ton more clips, so I think I’ll be making some more!

Anna Grace


Day 264: Beaux Arts Photoshop

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

One of the first apps I downloaded for my iPad was the Photoshop Express app. As you well know by now, I love Photoshop and all of it’s amazing abilities, so I was curious to see what this free downloadable version of Photoshop for iPad could do! So I decided to play with some pictures that I already had on my iPad. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many pics on there and was limited to choosing either from my Paris pictures or from Beaux Arts 2010: the Monster Ball. So, I choose the Beaux Arts pics!

As I’ve already explained in a previous post, the Beaux Arts Ball is a sort of dance that the UTK College of Architecture and Design has every spring. Each year there is a different theme that everybody dresses in. The costumes are always crazy and risqué, but none more crazy than 2010 when the theme was Monster Ball or Lady Gaga/ Avant Garde. I took some so-so pictures of myself and my friends that night, but I thought I would highlight the crazy costumes even more by amping them up with the PS Express app!

The first picture I edited was of my good friend Whitney and my current roommate, Haley! While neither of them are actually in the CoAD at UT, they’d both been to a couple of the balls with me and didn’t want to miss the chance at another one! They went a somewhat more traditional route with fun jewelry and makeup and false eyelashes. That is, more traditional as compared to the rest of our group… they laughed so hard when they saw me! I do love Haley’s fabulous mask/headpiece and Whit had these great gold shiny sticker things from the Wal-Mart craft department stuck all over her! They kept falling off all night and we HAD to save them… oh the memories!! Anywho, they looked like hot stuff while the rest of us just looked crazy! Here’s the original pic.

And here’s the after! (I’d go into detail about what I did to it, but the Percocet’s kicking in so I’m going to make this snappy…)

This next picture is of my roommate at the time and fellow ID major, Alyssa. Her approach to the Gaga style was to put extensions in her hair to make a ridiculously long braid which she intertwined butterflies, flowers and other things into and then added some white body spray paint to her body and hair. She also had some jewels she put around her eyes! Here is the original photo.

And the after!!

This photo is of my good friend, Brian! He took a pretty simple route by just wearing a mask/headpiece, but man, it was a pretty awesome/extravagant thing! I think the original photo is pretty cool on it’s own as just a moment captured in time!

But even though I liked it as is, I decided to play with it a bit anyways! :)

This picture is of my friend Lauren B. She and I went together to MAC in Belk before the ball to get our makeup done! I thought her funky makeup went really well with her sort of bat wings and black satin and leather she had going on! Before…


This next picture is of my friend Lauren M. She and our other friend Perrin (who’s pic I’ll show next!) decided to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme! Lauren was the White Queen with lace and tulle and flowers and birds and God knows what else in here hair all covered with white hair and body spray paint! The before!

Aaaannnnnddddd after!

The person in this picture is Perrin, who was my roommate at the time! She went with the Alice theme and ran with it! She spent forever on the Queen of Hearts costume, molding the corset out of cards, making the mask and crown, perfecting the makeup… the girl loves costume-making and she’s great at it! She won best female costume! She hates this photo of her, but I thought it was cute with her blowing the little hearts :) . Here’s the before

And maybe she’ll like it more now after editing?

This last picture is of little old me! Since I couldn’t wear a mask with my glasses, I had my makeup done to look like a mask in rainbow colors to match the rainbow poofs on my costume! False eyelashes on the upper and lower lids made it even better and this was my initial discovery of my favorite hot pink lipstick! I also teased my hair as much as possible to add to the poof level of the whole ensemble… Here’s the before, which isn’t a bad picture itself, thanks to the handy work of my friends :)

And the after, amped up a touch :D

There you have it! Apparently the photoshop app brings out my hidden love for over-exposed, obscured, fuzzy-edged, bright, hipster photos! Haha I always knew there was a little hipster in me! :mrgreen: I love how all of these turned out! They just add to the memory of how awesome that night was! :D

Anna Grace


Day 264: Tea Wreaths

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Like I said in my last post, every Christmas I like to make my gifts instead of buying them! Along with the Celtic Knot Bracelets, I also made Tea Wreaths! I got the inspiration for this from one of my favorite craft blogs, Dollar Store Crafts, and basically followed the directions word for word! I didn’t use as many cloths pins and tea bags, though, since I was making multiples of this and I wanted to also be able to provide the tea!

Just to prove how thrifty this project really is, I’ll tell you how much everything cost! They suggest using recycled cardboard in the tutorial, but I didn’t have any, so I bought 3 packs of gift boxes at the dollar store for $1 each! By hot gluing the tops and bottoms together, it was plenty sturdy! I also bought the clothes pins (24 for $1), ribbon (5 yards for $1) and extra hot glue sticks at the dollar store. For the paper I just went to my favorite, Hobby Lobby, and picked out 5 different patterns of scrapbook paper I liked for about 50¢ each, but then they happened to be on sale for 50% off! I bought a ton more paper than I actually needed and probably only ended up using maybe 12 sheet for 12 wreaths because the edges worked well for the clothes pins. And the tea I found at Ross for $6.99 for a variety pack of 120! I also bought 2 other just 20 packs of tea for about $2 each so I could give some extra out as well.

Here’s some pictures that I took of the first one I made and then some of the one I made mom that she took! I liked the pattern in hers better and I had figured out a better method of situating the clothes pins by then.

Recognize that hand sculpture in the picture 2 above? That’s the one I made my mom for Mother’s Day!

I’m really happy with how all of these wreaths turned out, even though they took a long time to make… special thanks to Dad who helped me finish them and not have a total post-surgery melt-down! Everyone really seemed to like them and I think they’re a great way to display your teas selection for when you have guests over! Or, you know, just for you! :)

Anna Grace


Day 263: Celtic Knot Bracelet

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

As many of you may already know, for Christmas I typically make my gifts instead of buying something to try and save a little money. I think people always look forward to seeing what I make and it makes it more interesting and heartfelt in my opinion! I’ll probably have to grow up eventually and buy real gifts, but I’ll milk this for as long as I can! :mrgreen:

Anyways, one of the gifts I made this year was a celtic knot bracelet! My friend Lauren messaged me on Facebook about this bracelet she found on Pinterest and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any instructions on how to make it! So I just sort of made it up myself! After several failed attempts, I realized I needed something to hold the loops in place because I was losing my spot really easily… so tape on an old book did the trick! I bought the string from this little store in Boone called The Bead Box and I also got some cool beads to tie the ends with! The pictures below are of my first finished product… I hadn’t quite figured out how to do the ends at that point, so it’s a work in progress. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of the second one I made, but it worked a little better!

Not exactly like the image I was going off of, but I think it turned out pretty well considering I didn’t have any instructions! Both friends who received these loved them! I had planned on making more, but they used so much string it would have cost too much to make them for everyone! I’ll show you the other gifts I made in the next post.

Anna Grace


Day 262: Reflections

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The other day I mentioned that I got some new music from McKays. Along with the Broadway show tunes book that I used Day By Day from in the last post, I also got the music from Disney’s Mulan! Anybody that knows me knows I love Disney movies… particularly one’s with good music! So When I saw Mulan sheet music for $9, I had to buy it!

I did this song on my iPad using the GarageBand app! The piano tool on this app is a little different than on my computer in that there is no way to just enter in the music notes and have it play automatically, so I had to break it into multiple parts and actually play the notes and record it! I think it makes it much more authentic, but I am terrible at piano, so it was a bit of a struggle for me and it took a long, long time! Then I just recorded myself singing over top of that!


I’m not super happy with my voice on this track, but I enjoyed testing my music brain and ability to read sheet music on piano! It’s nice to actually play the parts some instead of having it all computerized!

I hope to post a couple more things tonight, but I just took a Percocet (I pulled one of my stitches that’s under my skin at work last week, so I had to take more time off of work and am back on pain meds…. c’est la vie), so we’ll see if I can stay awake long enough to post more!

Anna Grace


Day 261: Day By Day

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Of the many amazing gifts I got this Christmas (including a ticket to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert!!!!!OMFG!!) the one I got from my dad and stepmom was an iPad! While only a 1st generation, it’s still pretty freaking awesome and a good supplement to my jacked up laptop! I’m so looking forward to being able to take notes on this bad boy this semester! Anyways, I also got an iTunes gift card from a family friend, so I put that to good use and bought the GarageBand app for iPad! I have to tell you…. It’s pretty amazing! I would bet that I’ll use this more than GB on my laptop! Totally worth 5 bucks!

Anyways, I decided to do a quick recording to see what I could do! I recently bought a couple of song books at my favorite used books, music and movie store, McKays, one of which is an old school Broadway show tunes book. I decided that I would do Day By Day from Godspell using GarageBand for iPad!

I started out with the guitar chords using the auto play setting, then added drums with the smart drums tool (which may just be my favorite thing about this app!), then recorded myself singing over top!

Day By Day

My voice isn’t very strong right now because the stitches from surgery make it hard to breathe very deep, but I’m happy with this first experiment with this app!

It feels good to be back to this project!

Anna Grace


365 Project Update

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Hi friends and followers! At this point I’m so far behind on posts that I don’t even want to think about it… You may be wondering what’s up. Well, to put it simply, last semester was a health nightmare for me! To give a bit more detail, I had several bad Rheumatoid Arthritis flare ups throughout the semester, some of which I mentioned already, but not every little flare up. Then I had a bad sinus infection just before Thanksgiving, then, three weeks before Christmas, I started to have really bad stomach pain. A week and three doctors later, they finally discovered that my gallbladder was inflamed and I had gall stones. So after a consultation with a surgeon, we decided it was necessary to have my gallbladder removed. SO I had surgery on the 20th of December and am still in recovery, but doing much, much better!

Needless to say, I haven’t been up to doing posts. Over Thanksgiving I was stressing a lot about this 365 project and how I was going to catch up, and I finally realized, with the help of my wonderful father, that I had enough in my life stressing me out and that while I should finish 365 creative projects eventually, the goal date of Feb. 2nd was really unrealistic, so I should set another goal. Obviously even more things have happened since Thanksgiving, so now I’m even more determined to not make this project stressful, and continue to make it more of a stress reliever, on my own time.

Because of this, my new goal completion date is May 10, which is two days after the last exam day of the semester when I will FINALLY have completed my bachelors degree of science in interior design! (yep… Still in school. That health stuff effected more than just this blog…) This date is a good three months plus past the original February date, so I may finish before that, but I’m going to pace myself and take it one day at a time!

You may have also noticed that I haven’t been putting the number of days behind I am anymore. That was one major piece of advice I took from my father, because he and I both realized it was stressing me out even more! So! Just posts, as much as I can, eventually totaling up to 365 days!

I have been working on some things over the past few weeks, mainly Christmas presents, so I have a few standby posts that I’ll start with!

I really appreciate all of the support I have gotten throughout this project from friends, family, and blog followers that I don’t even know! Without you all, I couldn’t push through til the end through sickness and health! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season, however you celebrated, and that this new year brings great things for you all. I certainly hope that this year brings better health for me and I strive to have a better, more positive outlook on everything!

Love you all!

Anna Grace