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Day 105(4 days late): Lab on Droid Day 4

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I’m sure all of you are as sick of these lab app posts as I am, but I promise this is the last one and I’m going to work something else out until I get my new computer charger in the mail.

BUT, this post is a little special because it features my dog, Chai, and my mom’s roommate’s puppy, Baxter! These pics are from Christmas, I think, so Baxter’s gotten a lot bigger since then!

Chai and Baxter could rule the world :)

Sketch of puppy love!

D’Awwwww! So precious!

The pups love My Little Pony!

Cheesy dolphin love!

Dandelion poofs!

Look at that hottie!!

Gaga loves the puppers!!

So… hopefully I can figure out something else to do for posts, but I think we’ve had more than enough of these silly pictures. I’ll work something out!

Anna Grace

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