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I realized a few days ago that the deadline for Skull-A-Day’s Skull Quilt Project is this Sunday, a week from today, and I had still to mail them all in! I’ve already made 3 other quilt squares, but I decided I needed one more since the proceeds from auctioning the quilts goes towards Becky’s Fund. My original goal was 6 squares, but the deadline sort of crept up on me and this last one took awhile!

Anyways, for the square, I used the same fabric from the 1st square as my 12×12″ base. Then, using a blue yarn, I crocheted a square that was roughly 10×10″, alternating between a shell stitch and double stitch. I used the shell stitch just so it would go a little faster since they take up more room and to see more of the background, but after I finished the square I thought they sort of looked like the shape of skulls! Here’s a close up with a little help from photoshop to see what I mean!

Hahaha that looks terrible! But you get the idea… I actually started to use a pink yarn and make the little faces on all of the stitches, but I quickly realized that it was going to take forever, so I tore out the yarn and ended up just making one big skull in the middle with the pink yarn. I turned out sort of skinny and stretched out looking because I wasn’t using a pattern and the way the yarn stretched, but I’m still pretty happy with it! I then just stuck the crocheted part to the fabric with some hot glue. I decided it needed a bow, so I used a scrap piece of the orange fabric from the second and third quilt squares and made a simple one with it just by folding and wrapping. I glued that down as well and I was done!

I think it turned out really well and all of the squares will be a great addition to the quilts!

Anna Grace

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