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I’m going to make this brief because I’m in a really terrible mood and feeling really sore today…

Anyways, since I hadn’t gotten around to sending off the quilt squares for Skull-A-Day yet (don’t worry, I’m sending them in the morning!!), I decided to do one more. I had this elaborate plan to use some of my big paint chips as a collage, but it failed miserably and I just got frustrated, so I went to plan B. I’ve got a few cute hole punches for scrap booking that I’ve somehow ended up with (and kept), so I decided I would make skulls using those. I used an old ripped black tank-top for the background and then just played around with the punches and attached them with hot-glue! Pretty simple, but I like the way it turned out and I picked the colors to complement the other squares I’ve done.

Abstracted skull shape in the middle with the orange elephants and then more skulls surrounding with yellow stars and red asterisks.

I’ll catch up eventually, but there’s been some serious neglect in my house keeping since I’ve been pretty sore lately. I’ll keep trying to do 1 post a day, but it will probably not be until Friday when I get caught up.

Anna Grace

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