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Yesterday I got really caught up in working on something for a later project, and completely forgot to do one at all to post!! So, sorry, I’m yet another day behind… but I hope to catch up later tonight!

For this post, I wanted to do something else acapella with multiple parts, because I just love doing it so much!! So, I looked through all my sheet music and came across I Believe (be careful… that link has nudity and sexual content… FYI!) from Spring Awakening. That song has several parts that intertwine and overlap each other, so I thought it would be an interesting one to try acapella! So I gave it a shot! I couldn’t sing the low “there is love in heaven” round part where it was written, so I just sang it up an octave. I think it turned out pretty well!

I Believe


More posts coming later tonight!

Anna Grace

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