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Day 115(2 days late): O Lord, Hear Me w/ Anna!!

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

As I mentioned yesterday, I am home this weekend! Today, I got to spend pretty much the entire day with my best friend, Anna (pronounced ah-nah :) )! The two of us and our siblings used to get together and sing for hours, making up harmonies and just goofing off, so I decided that Anna needed to be part of my project! We talked a lot about our favorite hymns and things we used to sing, and we decided that the Lenten song “O Lord, Hear Me” was one of our all time favorites. It’s written for four part choir, so we mostly just sang soprano and alto, with Anna sometimes filling in the Tenor parts. At one point, somebody logged into skype and it made a noise, but we decided to just leave it in there… gives it character!

O Lord, Hear Me

I had such a good time singing this! I miss the old days where we just hung out and sang all day, but this was a good taste of that. Hopefully we can do it again next time I’m in town, if she’s here, too!

Anna Grace

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