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Day 118(2 days late): Paint Chip Collage Part 1

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I decided to break this project into 2 parts because I worked on it for hours today and am only done with the first part!!

The past fews weeks at work, I’ve been organizing the big paint chip books. I reordered any that were missing and took out any that were torn, marked up, wrinkled, or otherwise messed up. I swear, I sometimes wonder what the heck people do to these when they check them out… I’ve gotten some returned that look like they’ve been immersed in water, run over by a car, ¬†or dipped in honey!! Why return it then? At any rate, instead on throwing away all the damaged chips, I kept them thinking that I could use them for projects. I ended up with a pretty massive collection, and I finally decided today that I would do something with them, so I did a collage!

I started out with an old canvas that had been painted with a faux finish at work. They were going to toss a few, and I rescued them for projects a while back. I decided that I would do the background in neutral tones progressing from dark on the edges to light in the center. (All the colors were from the Historical Collection because I had the most repeats of those) I basically decoupaged torn pieces to the canvas with a gloss mod-podge that I already had on hand. It took a really long time to do each of the colors and get them to stick well. I finished it off with a final thick coat of the mod-podge in the hopes that it would stick it down better. This took forever to dry!! In fact, it got to midnight and it still wasn’t dry, so I went ahead and took pictures so I could post this and go to bed! Here’s with and without flash so you can see the sheen.

I think it turned out pretty neat! The best part of this project is that it cost me absolutely nothing! (unless you count the mod-podge that I’ve had for over a year) I want to do something on top of all this, but I’m not sure what yet… stay tuned!

I’m (obviously) still behind on posts…. I hope to catch up this weekend!

Anna Grace

  1. Lauren Mullane Said,

    these are really great anna grace!! what’s the glossy finish?? It looks like a bright light in a dark place. Rather poetic :)

  2. annagrace Said,

    Thanks! Both pics are the same piece with and without flash. The glossy finish is just gloss mod podge! I’m thinking about doing something else to this, but I’m not sure what!

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