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Day 8: Mosaic Vase

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

After visiting McKay’s today, I went to Goodwill with a specific purpose for a project idea I had. My idea was to take old plates, smash them up and make a mosaic out of them. I have actually done this before with my hometown church, but that was many many years ago. We smashed plates and attached them to flower pots using some kind of plaster or something… my memory is spotty… and then we filled in all the cracks with that same stuff. Well, I got some plates (little saucers, actually) at the Goodwill as planned and a very small flower pot. Then, I had thought about doing a frame, but I couldn’t find one flat enough, so I settled on a red translucent vase. Here’s all my finds before smashing commenced!

Before I got home and took that lovely photo, I stopped at Jerry’s Artarama for a couple supplies, but more on that in a minute. Now the fun part… breaking stuff!! I set an old towel down so the shards didn’t fly everywhere, turned the plate upside down so they didn’t flip over and folded the towel over the top of them. Then I just smashed them with a hammer! (PS I WAS wearing goggles, Mom!) Here they are all smashed up! I may have helped mix them together a little bit to look better… :)


So back at Jerry’s, I was talking to an employee about what exactly I should use to stick these pieces on and to fill the cracks. She suggested using an epoxy to make sure they held well before sealing the cracks, which worked really well, until I ran out, so I only did the red vase. To fill the cracks, she said to use a shatter proof plaster so it wouldn’t crack, and pointed one out to me, which I bought. Well, after I got home, I realized that the plaster she sold me was for use with molds… as in it’s really liquidy and you’re supposed to pour it into the mold! I decided rather than making a ridiculous mess of plaster just sliding everywhere, I would hold off on sealing the cracks until I find the right product. I’m thinking grout? or spackling? I’ll look into it… but for now, I’m actually pretty happy with the way it looks without the cracks filled, and this way it’s still translucent in places. The only real issue is that some of those sharp edges are severely exposed… but I’m going to worry about it later. For now, here’s the vase at the moment:

The good thing is this vase only cost about $7-8 to make! See! This is what your donations go towards!

Anna Grace

  1. Joe Said,

    I love it.

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