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Day 137(5 days late): Chicago Pics

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I finally have internet back, so I’m going to try and get a couple of posts in today!! I hate when I get this far behind, but there wasn’t much I could do about it…

Anyways, like the last day’s project, for day 137 I’m going to post some pictures from my trip! These will be of Chicago itself, mostly from the Architectural Boat Tour I took… which was amazing!! I highly recommend that anyone in the city, even for just a couple of hours, go on this tour, particularly if you’re an architecture/design lover like me!! All of these were taken on my Droid and most of them were with the Retro Camera app. There are a ton (and this is after I filtered a bunch out), so I’m making them pretty small and not going to say much about them… that and I forget what about 80% of them were haha!!

These next few are the Trump Tower… which is amazing! The sun behind it made it look very ominous! I wish I had gotten a picture of the base where it looks like it’s floating on pillars!

That last one is my favorite! There were several buildings by Harry Weese who liked to do triangular and rounded shapes and Mies Van Der Rohe who played with variations on the rectangular buildings (and also had some amazing furniture… he’s kind of a god :) ) just to name a couple. Some of their stuff is in these pics, as well as many others who’s names I’ve forgotten… whoops.

(Sears or Willis Tower)

There was another really amazing building designed by Jeanne Gang called the Aqua Tower that was completed in 2010. It’s designed to look like rippling water that’s pulled towards different sights and important parts of Chicago with curved balconies. It’s pretty amazing :)

These next two pictures are of the Opera House and then the building next to it that was designed to mimic the “throne” shape of the opera house.

And finally, most of the bridges in Chicago were originally designed as draw bridges to let large boats and other water-craft through. These 2 pics are of a bridge that’s always up.

Whew! So many pictures! I had such an amazing time in Chicago and I can’t wait to go back and spending longer than a couple of hours downtown. I know that that the interiors of many of these buildings are just as spectacular as the exteriors!! (and I would probably enjoy the insides even more :D )

Anna Grace

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