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Day 141(4 days late): Creep

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For this post, I did my take of Radiohead’s Creep with ukulele! Now, I did this song before when I was doing all of those Myspace Karaoke things, but I wasn’t very happy with the way it turned out and it looks like they’ve discontinued the karaoke feature :neutral: , so I don’t have record ¬†of it anyways. Plus, it’s a song that I really, really love. The kind of song you can’t listen to without getting chills, in my opinion anyways. :cool: :)

For this recording I first recorded myself singing and just strumming the chords. I thought I did the strumming in a pretty even rhythm when I did it, but I then recorded another ukulele part plucking out the chord on top of that, and it was clearly not a set tempo… oops. But I think it turned out alright anyways. I then added some effects to the recordings to try and drown out the background fuzz a bit, which was abnormally loud for some reason… Just a heads up: this song has explicit language. I tried to leave it out, but the lyrics I was looking at still had them in it and I kept forgetting, so I ended up dropping the f-bomb a few times… Sorry! (Especially Grandmom and Mimom… :( ) Anyways, here it is!


I’m actually really, really happy with the way this turned out, awkward tempos and all! I think it’s such an emotion packed song, for me especially, that it’s hard for me not to convey that when I’m singing it. I also think the layering of uke parts makes it even better! :D

I had hoped to catch up on some posts today, but I’ve had a killer headache all day that feels like the beginnings of a migraine (I recorded this last night late), so many things I planned on didn’t happen today. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow!

Anna Grace


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