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Day 9: Ray of Light

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today I continued my 90′s/playing with garage band fun by doing a rendition of Madonna’s Ray of Light. (Love that video!!!) This is probably one of my ultimate top 5 90′s songs, if not my favorite! I have very fond memories of my sister and I playing this music video on surround sound (which was actually a pretty rare thing in our little town at the time…) and blasting it as loud as possible. We would bounce around the living room for hours, always slowing down and trying to do the same slow sway Madonna does in the softer part! Haha!! We waited through hours of music videos to tape that one!

I got the sheet music to Ray of Light from that same 1998-1999 Hits book from day 7. This piano part was way more simple than Cruel Summer, so I had time to add vocals! :) I’m not the best singer ever, and the rhythms were screwy in the piano part, so some of it’s not quite right. And I think I sound like a 12 year old… but oh well! I like the effects I added to it!

Ray of Light

This was soooo much fun! And as my mom said, isn’t that the point of this project? Most definitely.

Hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

Anna Grace

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