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Day 149(2 days late): Paint Chip Collage Part 2

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

You may recall me making a collage out of paint chips and mod page about a month back. Here’s a pic of how it was as a reminder. (with ridiculous flash…)

Well, that’s been sitting in my living room staring at me since then begging me to do something else with it. I liked it by itself, but I thought it needed something extra. So today I was eating dinner and saw the sample jar miss-tint that I’m using for another project (post coming about that tomorrow!!) and I thought, “That super bright green would look cool on all of the neutral murky colors!” So I thought that maybe I would make like a vine or plant graphic with it because I friend told me that the background collage looked like a light at the end of a tunnel and something growing out of darkness is another metaphor along those same lines. I looked around on good old google for awhile and found this cool interpretation:

I liked the sort of spirally look of the plant itself, so I tried to recreate that a bit. Well… that’s when the problems started. :neutral: At first I tried to sketch it out using a pencil so I had guides for when I painted, but the pencil wasn’t marking at all on the thick layer of mod-podge. Then I just decided to wing it… and I quickly realized that the brush I was using (and the only one I was willing to sacrifice with house paint) was way too wide to get all the little details I wanted, and I had made the bases of the plants way to big! :oops: So, at first I tried to wash off the paint, and was fairly successful with the part that was still wet, which I stupidly started trying to wash off first, but the dried down parts were only coming off after some serious rubbing and were sort of taking off the sheen of the background!! So, I decided to just work with the little bit that was still stuck on there. I had liked the way the plant bases were looking by themselves with out all the branches and leaves, so I decided to just do them like plants that swirled all the way to the top (if that makes sense… sorry I’m super tired…). Well, when I started over I ended up making the biggest plant base even bigger than before and I couldn’t get the curve of it right, so I just sort of winged it. Then, you couldn’t really see the shapes very clearly, so I used another sample jar (originally from the mosaic painting) that was red and lightly outlined the shapes (I found an old tiny make-up brush that the handle was broken off of and used that). It’s definitely not what I had originally intended, but I like it! It’s very abstractly organic, I think, but it a good way. And I like the contrast of the paint chip collage with the actual paint. Sorry for the bad picture… I’ll get another one tomorrow maybe. The red is actually much less brown than it looks in this picture.

I’m debating whether or not I want to put another layer of mod-podge or a spray sealer I have over top of this to get that sheen back. My worry is that it will take off or smudge the paint, so I’ll have to experiment with it! The great thing about this project is that it was absolutely free! :mrgreen: As I mentioned in the first part of this, I got the canvas at work because they were going to through it away, all the paint chips were damaged ones from the books at work, the mod-podge I already had on hand (so maybe like a couple of bucks were spent if you really want to get technical here), and the paints were sample jars that would have been thrown away anyways!! Free is always good :)

I’ll hopefully be catching up tomorrow… The actual post for today (Day 151) should have been a recap video, so I’ll post this birthday project I’ve been working on for a bit and the video then!

Anna Grace

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