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Day 156: THEME CONTEST 4 Pinata Survival Island

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

We’re now in day 4 of the Theme Contest I had on facebook! Today’s winner and montage inspirer is my friend Brian! His response was:

I thought the second submission had more potential for greatness, so I broke my rules and picked Pinata Survival Island, but I also decided to include a couple of elements from the first submission :)

Before I get to the actual montage, I have to point out that there is actually a movie from 2002 called Pinata: Survival Island!! WHAT??! And Brian tells me he had noooo idea there was such a thing… so I think it’s pretty hilarious! It was also known as Demon Island, which, as IMDb describes it, is about “Teens trapped on an island are haunted by a demon hidden inside…a pinata.” Um… what the heck? I believe that would be the reason why I haven’t heard of it. I also love the subtitle: A weekend to dismember. Punny much?

Moving on with life, here’s the montage in all it’s epic-ness!

So. The background is pretty self-explanatory… an island. Duh. On that island we have Andy Warhol…. in pinata form… giant pinata form. With a few people looking at him in awe (they are actually to scale and from the original image, so that tells you how freaking huge that thing is…) Then we’ve got a little bird/penguin pirate thing cruising along in his boat. A poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 popped up for some reason in the initial Pinata Survival Island search… so he’s looking over at Sonic the Hedgehog like, “What are you going to do to me!!!” As with Harry, with Sonic I have no idea why he appeared in this image search… but I think it works! I then searched Ondansetron, which is apparently an anti-nausea/vomiting drug for cancer patients after chemo, radiation, or surgery. So, Sonic is holding the floating and glowing pill version of that drug and saying, “Trust me. I’m a doctor.” (That was actually a little novelty pin that come up in the search) I then searched tonsillectomy and after gagging profusely, I cut out (harharhar…) an image of some tonsils after surgery and stuck them in Sonic’s other hand. No wonder Harry is scared!

For once, I actually planned out this montage pretty well when I was discovering the images, so I think it turned out pretty amazing! Although, I can’t ever look at Sonic the same again… I hope he doesn’t give you botched-tonsillectomy nightmares!

Thanks for your input Brian!!

BTW I’m seriously contemplating doing more posts like this after this week’s contest is over. I’m having so much fun with all the input! And there are some hilarious ones that didn’t make the 5 posts cutoff!! Say something in the comments if you want more of this after this week and say how you think I should go about doing that! Regardless of what I decide, my followers input is always welcome!

The final day of this contest (for now anyways :D ) is coming up tomorrow, and I think it may be the best theme yet! No offense to the other winners, but I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty fabulous! :)

Anna Grace

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