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Day 164(3 days late): Boat Painting Day 3

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

So I finally finished painting all the little sections of this paint-by-number of the Queen Anne. Today I finished up painting all of the mixed colors. Here’s how it turned out.

This clearly looks nothing like the cover of the box it came in… For one thing, I think the colors it came with are waaaaayyy off. Or at least, the mixtures are not just 1 to 1 ratios. Also, they obviously did a lot of blending of colors, but I barely had enough of every color to just fill in the shapes, so how are you supposed to be able to blend them well? And the paint dries so fast, you can’t blend them much at all, and your paint palette wouldn’t last long enough to do it! So, because of all this, I think I’m just going to leave this as is. Not sure what I’ll do with it, but it was interesting to work on. I really did like doing it, because I love to paint, but acrylic paints are not my friend, so this didn’t really turn out like I wanted. I love using oils because they don’t dry nearly as fast so you can blend more!! At any rate, I got a mostly completed painting of the Queen Anne, so we’ll leave it at that. I’ve done other paint-by-numbers in the past that look like actual paintings, without blending the colors, so this one was just a strange one. In fact, I remember doing one in high school of some pansies that my friend thought was an actual, unique painting! I probably should have looked at it a bit more closely before buying this one, but oh well!

Moving on with life…

Anna Grace

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