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Day 168(3 days late): Hot N Cold

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

So I’ve fallen yet another day behind because I was so tired after work yesterday that I just vegged out and then fell asleep. So sorry, but it was needed!

Anyways, this post was going to be a simple recording, but then I started playing with Garage Band and ended up actually making it pretty elaborate! :mrgreen: The song I decided to do was Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. Say what you want about her and her songs… and her over-the-top/cheesy sexual referencing, I love Katy Perry and her music is just so dang catchy!! You can’t deny that they get in your head so easily! (I will say, though, that the first verse in “Firework” kills me… metaphors involving plastic goods should not be used in song lyrics. :neutral: ) Hot N Cold is probably one of my favorite Katy Perry songs, and definitely one of the most catchy (except for maybe California Gurls), and I had it stuck in my head today, so that was my choice! Then after searching around for awhile, I figured out that the ukulele chords were very simple and basically just repeated over and over (except for the bridge… but I just left them the same. It still seemed to work ok), so I recorded myself playing the chords a few times and then just repeated it in Garage Band for the whole song. And I actually used a strumming pattern instead of just a bunch of down strums! :D I’m still having so trouble with strumming evenly, but I think I’ve improved a lot with practice! Anyways, I then sang over the ukulele track. I had a hard time getting into the rhythm at first on the verses, but I eventually got the hang of it and my throat’s sort of sore today, so I just did one take. I played around with the effects for a bit on both of the tracks, and then decided that with the effects it needed some drums! So I searched through all of the beats that are already built-in to Garage Band and found one I liked! I thought it needed a little something extra on the chorus, so I added a clave beat to it (wanted to do cowbell :mrgreen: but it wouldn’t load for some reason :( ) ¬†and then I added a crash symbol at the end. Finally, I recorded the background “you…. but you” part during the chorus and used a radio effect on it and I was done! Without further ado, here’s the finished product!

Hot N Cold

I’m really, really happy with this one and had so much fun playing around in Garage Band! It reminds me of some of the first music projects I did, and I think I want to go back to that for a bit, while still incorporating real instruments!

Good luck getting this song out of your head!! :D

Anna Grace

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