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Here’s one more quick acapella recording to get another post in tonight. For this one, I decided to do U2′s Where the Streets Have No Name (Bono’s hair in that video is pretty amazing lol). I’ve been a U2 fan probably since I was in my mother’s womb…. my dad is a huge fan of theirs, and I think secretly (or not that secretly actually…) he wants to be Bono! :D We went to the Vertigo tour in in Charlotte back in ’05 and it was uh.may.zing!! Definitely an experience with my dad that I’ll never forget! And my dad went to the show in Nashville a few weeks ago and said it was even better… JEALOUS!! Anyways, since I love U2 so much, I’ve been wanting to do one of their songs for awhile. This is one of my favorite songs, but I think I’ll probably be doing a more elaborate U2 recording at some point.

Where the Streets Have No Name

I know I’ve posted this picture before, but I think it’s appropriate for this post! A few years back, I did a portrait of Bono for my Dad. He loved it! And here it is:

I think this is definitely one of my favorite portraits I’ve done, and I’m glad that it was received so well!!

Anna Grace

  1. joe Said,

    What a song, what a band, what a show (and another one) and what a kid.

  2. annagrace Said,

    Awww thanks, daddy! I feel like U2 can do no wrong, haha!

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