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Day 11 (2 days later): Reed Diffuser Decoupage

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

As you may have noticed, I have fallen behind a bit on my posts over the weekend. Saturday night was my amazing birthday party and I was going to post the recipe and pictures of the artichoke dip I made, but I forgot to take pictures before it was demolished by my guests and I! And then Sunday I was studying for a test :/ again!!!! So anyways, sorry. But better late than never, right?

So I actually made this on Saturday night, but I ended up doing it at my friend’s and didn’t want to put all the reeds and stuff in and risk spilling it in my car in transportation to my apartment. My friend Whitney and I were roommates our freshman year and we quickly dubbed out room “Decoupage Central” because it seemed like that’s what we were always doing in there! Decoupaging was definitely one of our many shared interests, so on Saturday night after my party, Whitney (after seeing my massive box of tissue paper from Bags & Bows) said, “Why don’t we relive the good days and decoupage something for your blog?” So we headed out to Walmart (we’re normally Hobby Lobby people, but it was 1 am haha) in search of something to decoupage.

I don’t know about you all, but my Walmart has been seriously lacking in the craft department since they remodeled, and it’s highly disappointing to me! They didn’t have anything in the craft department to decoupage! So after browsing pretty much the entire store, we found the reed diffuser section and decided that those plain boring jars needed some spiffing up. Here’s the before:

Boring! So we finally got around to decoupaging them around 5 am! (I’m a night owl and Whitney works nights as a nurse and was trying to stay on schedule.) I used that same standby Damask Tissue that keeps making appearances in my posts (it is my favorite), as well as a bright green, purple and peacock blue to match my color scheme that has somehow taken over my entire apartment! Also, at Walmart they had some prettier reeds that you could buy separately and make it even better, so I went with the natural wood and green ones. Here’s the final product!

I went with this amazing hazelnut cream scent so that now my kitchen smells like awesome coffee all the time! Yet again, so many uses for that tissue paper! It was nice doing decoupage again because I haven’t done it in so long! This technique will definitely be making more appearances in this project!

Days 12 and 13′s posts coming as soon as I eat some dinner!

Anna Grace

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