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Day 171(2 days late): Shadow Of The Day

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

Today’s post is one of my favorite Linkin Park songs, Shadow Of The Day! Many people may make fun of me for the fact that I like Linkin Park so much, but honestly you need some good screaming music sometimes! This song is actually probably the calmest song they’ve ever done, and I like that too! I love that they can do the hard-core screaming songs and then do something as soft a delicate as this song! I don’t have their newest album yet, but I think Minutes to Midnight is my favorite album so far!

Anyways, in this recording I recorded me plucking the ukulele chords first, then the melody, and finally a harmony part. The harmony is pretty high, so I cracked a bit, but I tried it down an octave and it just wasn’t the same. So deal with it! haha just kidding :)

Shadow Of The Day

I’m pretty happy with this recording! I might venture out to a bit harder LP songs (maybe Crawling with recorder???? :D ), but we’ll see! Boo on LP haters! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace

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