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Yes, I’m a couple more days late, but like I said this week is crazy… so yeah.

Anyways, since Monday was July 25, I decided to do a Christmas song because it’s Christmas in July! :mrgreen: So, I hunted around for awhile, and finally came across this arrangement for three treble voices of Silent Night. I think it’s actually a pretty good arrangement of it! So, anyways, I just recorded all three parts and that was that! For some reason lately, it’s been recording like a popping or cracking noise… I’m not really sure what that is, but just try and ignore it!

Silent Night

The highest part was really high!! At least higher than I’ve sung in awhile… so I cracked a bit. And I couldn’t take it any lower because then it would be too low for the lowest part! But oh well!

Merry (July) Christmas!!

Anna Grace

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