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Day 184(5 days late): Random Unpacking Doodle

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I finally found my calendar I use for this 365 project to see what day I’m on, or supposed to be on, and figured out that I’m still 5 days behind as of today’s second post… :( But that’s how it goes with packing and moving…

Speaking of packing and moving, today I was digging through boxes trying to find something to do for the blog, and came across an old sharpie, a red felt-tip pen, and a bottle of white out in one of the little storage cubes I had in my desk. I decided after that to just do a quick doodle using those first things I found! So I started out with the sharpie, which was apparently dying… and I drew some sort of organic swoopy shapes. I then went back with the white-out and highlighted some areas of the swoops, did little dots around the ends, made flowers and sort of sponge painted around the base of the organic sharpie swoops. Then, because you couldn’t really see white out that well, I came in with the red pen and just added a simple line contour to all of the white parts and then smeared in some red around the base. And here’s the finished product! (with and without flash… I had a hard time getting a decent picture of it…)

A very simple post, but I think it’s kind of pretty! I liked the way the red pen looked different on the paper than on spots where there was white out. It didn’t really soak in like it normally would, so it gives it almost a watercolor effect!

Anna Grace

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