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Day 187(8? days late): Cast Doodles

Posted by annagrace under Days 101-200

I think I’m 8 days behind, but I’m not sure… I’ve gotten a couple more days behind from continuing to unpack and move in, and then I hurt my wrist on Saturday at a party. Well I finally went to the university health clinic today, and after xrays discovered that I had broken my arm!! So, I had to get s cast for it, and I decided that cast needed to be decorated! So I went to my friend, Brian’s house with a bunch of permanent markers and got to doodling! I admit that he did most of the drawing, But I had some creative input!

Theres a lot going on here that I could explain, But I’m on Hydrocodone and super loopy, so I’m going to bed… But I do think the unicorn is my favorite part! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace

  1. Create A Day » Blog Archive » Day 208(11 days late): Cast Doodles 2 Said,

    [...] you should know by now, I have a broken wrist. I showed you the doodles that covered my first cast a few weeks ago. Well, two weeks ago I had to get another cast because the old one was too big [...]

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