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Just┬álike last month, I made a desktop wallpaper calendar in photoshop for September! Also like last time, I used all┬áBen Moore paint colors from Pottery Barn’s collection, but this time I used their Fall/Winter 2011 collection! It’s September, so that means, IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!!!!! So for this calendar, I did a football theme! I found the image of the football online and then created the field goal posts in photoshop. Then I just added the stripe at the bottom, the word September, and made the calendar and I was done!

I made this one a bit wider so it would fit my screen better. I made a couple of changes, including the 30 on the calendar accidentally being 3o instead of 30, but here it is on my desktop!!

Feel free to click the image to see it bigger and set it as your own desktop! Enjoy and GO VOLS!!!!

Anna Grace

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