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Day 203(13 days late): Homemade Salsa with Mom!!

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Here I was thinking that I was going to use this extra long holiday weekend to catch up on posts, and I just fall even more behind!! In my defense, my mom came to see me this weekend and I have had the most horrible headache for about three days now that I cannot get to go away!! I have tried everything!!

At any rate, when my mom came to town, she surprised me with some fresh vegetables from the garden at our church to make homemade salsa! FYI my mom makes the best salsa EVER so I was totally excited to make it! We even made a quick run to walmart where she got me a cheap little food processor, which I know I will be using a lot!

We started by sauteing some chopped garlic in oil. You can leave it raw if you want, but I think it makes it a little too strong, so I cooked it! Next, we chopped up about a third of a large sweet onion into big chunks,then chopped them up a lot more in the food processor. After draining the excess water off, we mixed the onion and garlic. Then we chopped up a small beautiful purple bell pepper (red bell peppers are fine) and added it to the mix. Loved the added touch of color it gave it and I wish you could see it better in the picture!

Next,we cut up two tomatoes from church and two tomatoes from the store into quarters and put those through the food processor as well and drained them.

We didnt have quite enough tomato, so we used this beautiful yellow tomato that was also from church and added it to the mix!

It gave the salsa a very interesting color, and almost made it look like mango salsa! Then we chopped up a bunch of cilantro and added about half of it in at first with a little salt. As mom says, you have to taste your salsa at this point even before you add any heat, because if your base isn’t right it will screw everything up! So after testing it,we decided it needed more cilantro! Now,we LOVE cilantro, so we may have put more than your average person, but you just have to do everything to  taste!

Last, we chopped up a pretty red jalepeno from church and added it a spoonful at a time until it got to the heat we wanted it! We ended up using one whole pepper, but we have noticed that the store bought peppers are usually not as spicy as home grown, so you may have to use a lot more and/or supplement with a bit of habenareo pepper. Also keep in mind that as the salsa sits in your fridge or whatever, it gets more and more spicy! Here is the finished product!

It is so yummy!!! Mom says it is the best batch she has ever made, and I think the fresh home grown veggies make all the difference! We like to use the blue corn chips because they tend to be a little stronger and can hold the salsa better! And like I said, it gets hotter as it sits…. what was fairly mild  yesterday was pretty hot today! I am looking forward to having this for lunch at work  tomorrow!

Anna Grace

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