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Day 204(13 days late): Post-It Owl

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I recently discovered a website called Post It Wars where they compile images of peoples post-it creations. Some of them are ridiculously elaborate, spanning over several floors of buildings, and some are really simple 8-bit designs like old video games. I decided to try my hand at this and make my own 8-bit post-it design!

I decided pretty much immediately that I wanted to do an owl, because I love owls and I thought that their sort of blocky bodies would work well for the 8 bit format. I googled 8 bit owl for awhile and came across an image where somebody had already made an owl out of post-its!! So I just used their pattern and altered it a bit to fit my limited post-it color palette.

All in all, this took about 90 minutes. I thought about doing multiple things, but ran out room, time, and post-its, but I think this is more than enough for one day!¬†¬†Since this took so long, I think I’ll keep it up for awhile!! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace

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