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Day 250(? days late): Book Cover Doodle

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I’m in the process of doing some much needed cleaning in my room and apartment in general. Since I broke my wrist a week after moving, a lot of things didn’t get packed away and it’s just gotten really out of hand, so now that I can use my wrist relatively normally, I’m finally trying to get everything together! In the process of this, I came across a bundle of 3 book covers I got at Target for a buck. They are white with black patterns so that you can color them and make them unique. So I decided to decorate one! I chose one with a sort of swirly/bubbly pattern. I was going to just color a few sections at a time in different colors all over with sharpies, but after I started, I realized that all of the swirls were connected! So I ended up just sort of doodling over the bubbles in a swoopy pattern… haha not really sure how to describe it!! But that was with the hot pink sharpie. Then I drew in a few circles with yellow and smaller circles with blue. Here’s the finished product taped on the wall so you can see it all!

Close up so you can see the pattern better.

I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to cover a book with this other than just taping it… I may use it for something else!

Anna Grace

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