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Day 252(? days late): Stencil Pattern

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

In the process of doing some more cleaning, I came across an old stencil sheet that I used in my design studios when drafting floor plans. This set had a bunch of things like different sized doors, beds, ceiling fans… etc. So I used that to make a sort of pattern with sharpies!

I didn’t use a ruler or straight edge or anything, so it doesn’t all line up right… but your get the idea. Sorry for the blurry picture! The green rectangles are King, Queen and Double sized beds at 1/4 inch equals a foot scale. The teal and hot pink squares are also the king sized beds. The dark blue squares were supposed to be play pins… The red things are 42 inch diameter fans, and the orange lines I drew with the straight side of the stencil.

It was an interesting experiment trying to make a pattern with this stencil. I might try this again with a little more planning to get everything straight!

Anna Grace

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