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Day 253(? days late): Aquarius Drawing

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I decided today that I wanted to get back into the practice of sing my Prismacolor colored pencils more. I have realized throughout this project that if I come up with some sort of theme, I am more likely to actually do it, so I decided to do a set of drawings with my prismacolor pencils depicting women as the 12 zodiac signs! I wanted these to be fun and somewhat cartoonish, almost like tarot cards.

I started out with Aquarius, which is of course, the best sign! :mrgreen: (FYI that is my sign!) I googled some images of Aquarius for inspiration and then got to work! Aquarius means the water bearer, so I wanted to use that classic image of the woman pouring water. It has been awhile since I have drawn with colored pencil and in this sort of cartoonish style, but by going off of some images I found, I think it turned out ok!

I sort of screwed up the wave symbol in the upper right corner, but you get the idea! I think it turned out pretty decent and I am excited to do more of these!

Anna Grace

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