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Day 264: Tea Wreaths

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

Like I said in my last post, every Christmas I like to make my gifts instead of buying them! Along with the Celtic Knot Bracelets, I also made Tea Wreaths! I got the inspiration for this from one of my favorite craft blogs, Dollar Store Crafts, and basically followed the directions word for word! I didn’t use as many cloths pins and tea bags, though, since I was making multiples of this and I wanted to also be able to provide the tea!

Just to prove how thrifty this project really is, I’ll tell you how much everything cost! They suggest using recycled cardboard in the tutorial, but I didn’t have any, so I bought 3 packs of gift boxes at the dollar store for $1 each! By hot gluing the tops and bottoms together, it was plenty sturdy! I also bought the clothes pins (24 for $1), ribbon (5 yards for $1) and extra hot glue sticks at the dollar store. For the paper I just went to my favorite, Hobby Lobby, and picked out 5 different patterns of scrapbook paper I liked for about 50ยข each, but then they happened to be on sale for 50% off! I bought a ton more paper than I actually needed and probably only ended up using maybe 12 sheet for 12 wreaths because the edges worked well for the clothes pins. And the tea I found at Ross for $6.99 for a variety pack of 120! I also bought 2 other just 20 packs of tea for about $2 each so I could give some extra out as well.

Here’s some pictures that I took of the first one I made and then some of the one I made mom that she took! I liked the pattern in hers better and I had figured out a better method of situating the clothes pins by then.

Recognize that hand sculpture in the picture 2 above? That’s the one I made my mom for Mother’s Day!

I’m really happy with how all of these wreaths turned out, even though they took a long time to make… special thanks to Dad who helped me finish them and not have a total post-surgery melt-down! Everyone really seemed to like them and I think they’re a great way to display your teas selection for when you have guests over! Or, you know, just for you! :)

Anna Grace

  1. Heather - Dollar Store Crafts Said,

    It looks awesome! I totally want to make one.

  2. annagrace Said,

    Do it! So easy and cheap!

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