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Day 285: Somebody I Used To Know

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I had decided last night that I wasn’t going to do any more music posts for a bit since they’ve sort of taken over my blog… but I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day that I LOVE, so I just had to do it! It’s Gotye’s Somebody I Used To Know featuring Kimbra! I’ve heard bits and pieces of this song and other Gotye songs for a while now, but I really started to love this song when I saw this version of it where 5 people played it on one guitar! It’s pretty amazing! At any rate, they’ve started playing it a lot on my favorite local radio station, 106.1 The River, so it’s been stuck in my head since I heard it yesterday!

I hunted around a bit and found a piano part to this. But I was having a hard time deciding how to piece all the parts together (my original thought was to sing all the guitar parts, but I couldn’t find music with all the notes… :( ), so after putting it all into GarageBand, I gave it a rest for awhile. I went on my merry way hunting for uke music on my new favorite site when I came across ukulele chords and tabs to this very song! AND they were in the same key that I had already put all the piano stuff in Garage Band in! So I feel like I was destined to do it!

I started out (after putting all of the notes into GB as a guideline) with the bass line. I just played the notes up an octave from where their written in the piano part on my ukulele and then pulled them down in GarageBand. Then I recorded the chords strummed softly over the verses and a bit louder on the chorus. Then I recorded the high twiddly bits and used the “Helium” effect in GarageBand to make an octave higher, which as a bonus it gave it a cool sort underwater effect! Then I recorded the lead vocals and finally Kimbra’s part. The music I had didn’t show the harmony on the last chorus, so I just sort of made it up!

Sombody I Used to Know

I’m super happy with the way this turned out! It’s not exactly how I envisioned it originally, but I like it! It’s a bit different sound than what I usually do, but I think that’s a good thing! The only thing I don’t like is all the feedback from the AC cutting in and out and the fact that my laptop sounds like a helicopter taking off sometimes… but oh well! Oh and I messed up the girl part a bit, but I don’t think you can tell… right?? :D BTW, if you haven’t already done so, listen to this with headphones in.. it’s surround sound and you can really hear all the parts!

Ok, I’m going to try and finish the rest of the zodiac drawings this week and take a break from music!!

Anna Grace

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