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Day 289: April Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I hadn’t made a desktop calender in awhile, but I was inspired to the other day when we put out the new Spring/Summer Pottery Barn colors at Benjamin Moore! So, using all of those colors, I made this desktop pattern/wallpaper! I gave it an “April Showers” theme with the rain cloud. I’m thinking I’ll do May flowers next month!

I was able to find a .png file through google of a rain cloud I liked, so I pulled that in photoshop, changed the colors to the Pottery Barn ones, and then designed the rest around that! Every color in this is one of the Ben Moore/Pottery Barn colors, even the lines in the calendar! If you want to know which colors are which, ask me in the comments!

Here it is on my slightly cluttered desktop!

As usual, feel free to click on the image for a bigger version and then download it as your desktop! Enjoy!

Anna Grace

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