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Day 291: We Are Young

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

This creative project is a song that plays on the radio a lot right now, and something I thought would be fun to do! As a matter of fact, the band who sings this song is called Fun! And the song is called We Are Young!

I was reluctant at first to record this song because of the abrupt tempo change. I wasn’t sure how I was going to navigate that in Garage Band, and I definitely needed to write the parts all the way out because I’m I’m not that familiar with how the verses go. But, in a stroke of genius aka I decided to look it up in the GB help section, I figured out how to do tempo changes easily! SUCCESS!! So after putting in all the notes for the melody and the piano part, I decided that this was one occasion where I really needed to have some drums. So I played around a bit and kept listening to the track until I got something pretty similar to the original that I liked. Then I recorded the melody and then the bit of harmony and overlapping on the chorus and I was done!

We Are Young

I had found some ukulele chords to this, but ended up raising the key to fit my range better. The chords in the new key were to awkward on ukulele, so I ended up just leaving the computerized piano. I botched the lyrics a bit at the end, but overall I’m happy with this song and I had FUN doing it!! :mrgreen:

Anna Grace

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