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Day 292: Love Story

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

I decided to purchase several choral arrangements of some songs the other day in celebration of completing undergrad! The site I was using had special deals where you would save more, the more songs you purchased, so I ended buying 4 arrangements. You have already heard one of them with the last post and We Are Young, and the other two you will ust have to wait for!! But the last song I chose was Love Story by Taylor Swift. Now anyone who knows me well knows that I really do NOT like country music, but I really liked this arrangement of the song, so I decided to go with it!

This arrangement was for SSA choir, so in order to get the solos sounding right, I ended up recording a few of each part. I started by putting the piano in GarageBand and then recorded all of the individual parts. I ended up with 10 tracks all together, including the piano!!! So, because there are so many tracks, there is a lot of feedback, but I think I really achieved the whole choir effect! Its a bit strange to hear my voice that much all at once…

Love Story

Considering the fact that I recorded all of these with one take and very little practice, I think this turned out pretty good! It reminded me of my childhood when I was in Dotty’s Children’s Choir back home :) It is a bit out of tune and all over the place, but Im not too worried about it!! :mrgreen:

BTW I got a promotion!!! I am now officially a designer for my Benjamin Moore and am doing in home consultations! So, anyone living in the Knoxville area, if you need help picking paint colors, give me a call!

Anna Grace

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