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Day 296: Collage Painting Day 1

Posted by annagrace under Days 201-300

This creative project is going to have to be spread over two posts because it is going to take several steps to get it where I want it. At any rate, you may recall the mosaic painting I did towards the beginning of this 365 project. In that one I took an image in photoshop and distorted it with the paper cutout tool. Then, using that image, I painted one color at time, layering shades until I ended up with the final image! This project is the same, but I wont tell you what the final image is supposed to be until Im done!

Before I get into the process, I have to let you know that I took a lot of pictures during making this over the past few days, but my stupid phone deleted all of them except the last one!!!! So, sorry! But you can at least see where it is at now!

So I started with a plain canvas that I rescued from work which had been painted a really light pink. I took a misstinted sample jar that was a really bright green and did a light coat over the whole thing using a palette knife so it wold have a bit of texture. While it was still wet, I stuck a bunch of 2×3 inch color chips from work that we were throwing away onto the canvas. I stuck them on in a random order, so it didnt look too formal! As the paint dried, the chips started to curl up on the edges, but I decided to leave it as is because I thought it gave it an interesting texture! After that, I decided that all the random colors where a bit too bright for what I was thinking, so I used a gray misstinted sample jar and did a quick wash over everything. THEN I finally started on the actual painting with the mid tone of the three colors I was using. So here is where it is now!

Sorry its an Instagram pic, but thats all I got! I hope to finish this tomorrow!! In the meantime, any thoughts as to what it is??

Anna Grace

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