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Day 302: Photoshopped Self-Portraits 4

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

I was bored the other day and didn’t have my computer, so I decided to use the Photoshop Express app for iPad and do some quick edits to a couple of pictures!

I started with this picture from the St. Patrick’s Day party I went to all decked out in green and orange.

Then I just amped up the contrast a bit.

And then I used the sketching technique (or the cutout? Can’t remember…) with the sort of yellowed effect (sorry my ipad doesn’t have enough charge at the moment to look and see what everything is called.).

Then I played with this picture of me with zombie make-up that my friend did.

I just made the colors a little more intense and made the corners fuzzy for added nostalgia! :mrgreen:

The last picture I edited is the most recent picture of me. Lately I’ve been playing around with the natural curl/wave texture that my hair has, so this picture was to show that. Here’s the original.

I played with the contrast and did the cutout tool, then created this image with the 4 different colors.

I then took the original image and used the rainbow effect on it.

Then I played with the hue and gave it a fun border!

So that’s what I did on my iPad! Later that day when I was browsing the web, I found this site where you can make yourself into a Mad Men character!! Since I love that show so, so much, I decided to make a portrait of myself meeting Don Draper for a cocktail after work!!

I loved all the different options they had available for body shape, clothes, accessories, etc! I think it looks so much like me, don’t you?

Anna Grace

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