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Day 17: Mosaic Painting Part 1

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

My project for today has ending up having to spread over 2 days, but I wanted to go ahead and post about where I am now.

I decided that I wanted to do a sort of mosaic painting of some picture (not telling you what it is yet!!). At work we had a ton of miss-tinted sample jars that we were trying to get rid of, so I took 4 blue shades and 4 red shades. Today while at home, I picked an image, changed the mode to duotone in photoshop, one copy in red tones and one in blue tones, then I used the artistic cutout filter so simplify it to 5 shades for each copy with the lightest shade being white. Then I divided each of the images into a grid and merged the two images together in something like a dissolve effect. After finally getting the image the way I wanted, I cut out all of the squares for it… 110 of them! It took forever… so I ended up only painting the darkest blue color I’m using as a base on all of the blue squares. Here’s where I’m at now.

Any ideas what it’s going to be? Nobody will guess this…

The red background and all the details on the blue and red squares will be done tomorrow and they will be stuck down on their final paper… which I haven’t decided on yet, but we’ll cross that bridge tomorrow. Stay tuned for the finished project tomorrow!!

Anna Grace

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