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Day 307: Frozen

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

As you all should know by now, I love me some Madonna! I’ve covered several of her songs already, but I can never get enough of her, so here’s one more! This song is my second favorite off of her Ray of Light album (other than the title track), Frozen! I always loved this video! I thought it was really cool the way she danced, so I tried to dance like that and I really wanted henna tattoos!! haha

I found the chords/lyrics in that same 98-99 Pop Hits piano book that a few other covers have come from, but I just adapted them for ukulele! In this extremely stripped down version, I recorded 2 tracks. The first one is the uke chords and melody, and the second is the harmony and the little diddy on ukulele at the end!


This is the first recording I’ve done in the new place and it’s interesting how different the acoustics are here! More echoing I think. I was also standing in the corner with my computer and music propped up on the walls, so it probably echoed even more! If I could just get rid of the buzzing from my laptop, we’d be golden! Doing this really makes me want that album again! I might have to go to McKay tomorrow…

Anna Grace

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