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Day 316: Carrot Apple Ginger Tea Cakes from PULP!

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

As you all know, I have a juicer and I love to juice all kinds of fruits and veggies! Well I had heard that you could actually use the leftover pulp from juicing to make various baked goods! I had never done it before, but after making my roommate and I some fresh juice with carrot, apple and ginger in it, I looked around on the web for a bit and found a recipe that had exactly those ingredients in it! I didn’t have dark chocolate chips so I left them out, but I thought they were amazing anyways.

A note about baking with pulp… PLAN AHEAD BEFORE JUICING!! I didn’t think about doing this until after I had juiced, so I didn’t peel the the fruit and veggies like I should have or cut out the apple cores, so I had to pick through the pulp and pull out the bad stuff before baking… so next time I’ll plan ahead and definitely take the bad stuff out! Anyways, here’s my nicely packed and seed and skin free pulp!

I mixed all the ingredients together and the batter tasted AMAZING! Then I spooned it into the muffin tin and baked away! Here’s the finished product!

The were definitely more dense and moist than your average cake/muffin because of using the pulp, but they were so, so, so, so tasty! I brought them to work and they were a hit! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of them outside the pan, but oh well! I think I will definitely be experimenting with pulp recipes again!

Anna Grace

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