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Day 324: Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

I recently started a Pinterest account, and now I’m obsessed!! I resisted jumping onto the Pinterest band wagon for a long time, because I knew that once I joined I could potentially spend hours upon hours on there. I’ve actually been able to control myself for the most part, but the first day I was on there for like 2 straight hours! At any rate, today I decided to see if I could find some easy recipes for healthy snacks! I realized again for the millionth time that I am most definitely a snacker, preferring to have several small meals throughout the day rather than three big meals. While nannying I’ve been just grabbing whatever they have around… meaning junk food! So, I found several recipes that looked tasty and decided to give them a whirl!

The first recipe I tried was Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips (called “crisps” on the site they’re from, but here we call ‘em chips)! This recipe was sooooo easy! You just slice some apples as thin as you can, throw them on parchment paper, sprinkle on some cinnamon and bake them for 20 minutes on each side at 250! I ended up just doing 15 minutes on the second side because the thinnest ones started to burn. If I make them again, I’ll probably pick out the thin ones and then keep cooking the rest, because some of them weren’t as crisp. I have to say, these are so, so good! I only made 2 apples worth, but I think I will definitely make this again in a bigger batch! The only thing I didn’t like about it was all the slicing, which took me forever because I have zero knife skills, but it really wasn’t bad at all! I didn’t get process pictures because I’m awful, but here’s the finished product!

Not the prettiest looking things ever, but really yummy! If I had a mandolin slicer, that would make it a lot faster and more even, but I don’t so oh well! I think it would also help to cut it more in rings like how they picture it on the website, so I think I’ll try that next time!

Anna Grace

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