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Day 328: Digital Portrait of Dad

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

As you all know, when there comes an occasion where I need to give a gift, I usually try and make something rather than purchase it. This christmas was no exception. I made one thing for most of the people in my family that I will post at a later date, but for my dad, I decided to crochet him a hat! I found this really cool pattern that was rated as easy, so I thought, “I could do that!” NOPE. For reasons unknown to me, it ended up big enough to completely cover Bob Ross’ fro without smashing it down a bit and the bill could have doubled as a paddle. ┬áSo, after all that, I unraveled the whole thing and started over with a smaller crochet hook. Half-way through I realized I was going to have the same problem again!! So, the whole point of that story was that I ended up doing something completely different for my dad for Christmas: a digitally drawn portrait. It’s a completely random gift and I don’t know that he’ll ever print it out or anything, but I had fun doing it!

I’ve done digitally drawn portraits in Photoshop before, but I had never done one on my iPad. I had heard and seen pictures of these amazing images people created on their iPads, so I decided to give it a go!

This is the original picture I copied and it happens to be one of my favorite pictures of my dad!

I read some reviews about different free drawing apps and decided to use Sketch Book Express from Autodesk. Autodesk is the maker of AutoCad, a computer drafting program that the majority of designers, architects, and engineers use, so I figured it had to be good! And I’m glad I chose it, because it was so nice to use! I started by loading the original image into the background layer, then slowly layering colors onto a new layer using the paintbrush tool. In photoshop when doing this sort of thing, I could have it select exactly the color I needed, but SketchBook didn’t have that tool, so I changed around the CMYK levels until I got the colors I needed. I started with the face and hand, then the hair (this was more of an airbrush tool to soften it), then the shirt. I finished with the background, or a rough interpretation of that! And here’s the final product!

I totally meant to crop out the edges where I went outside the lines, but I sort of like the messy, artsy look of it! Overall, I’m really happy how this turned out! I sent it to dad, and he loves it too! It’s sort of goofy, but so is my dad, so it works. :mrgreen: I think I will definitely be using that app again as well!

Anna Grace

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