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Day 330: Homemade Hair Gel

Posted by annagrace under Days 301-365

Following the theme of the last post, in addition to making shampoo the other night, I also made hair gel! This one I actually got directly off of Pinterest. The original posting is here.

I’ve been playing with the natural texture of my hair lately and trying to embrace the waves. I’ve tried several different scrunching gels and mousses and have found a few I like, but they are all so expensive and ultimately leave my hair feeling crunchy and weird, so I looked into a natural scrunching product and made it up!

This recipe consisted of three ingredients… Water, flax seed, and essential oils. I won’t go through all the steps because they’re on the site, but here’s a picture of the flax seed cooking.

So then I followed the directions like it said, but I feel like mine never got as thick as it needed to… possible because of using a gas range versus electric. My theory is that when you turn off an electric eye, it stays warm far longer that a gas one because of the coils, so maybe the flax seed didn’t cook enough… It ended up more of a thick hairspray consistency versus a gel. At any rate I just went with it and put it into two little spray bottles after adding tea tree and jojoba oils. After taking a shower, I sprayed it all over my hair and scrunched my hair like always. Here’s a picture of me not really caring after my hair air dried.

So, it gave me a bit of texture, but not really as much as I wanted. I think next time I will use more of it and see what happens. I also think I may make another batch and cook it longer. It’s so cheap, I’m not worried about tossing out the other stuff! I’ll update you all when I’ve made it again.

Anna Grace

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