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Day 22: Recorder Duet Molly Malone

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I decided to do another attempt at a recored duet today. This one is the old Irish Jig Molly Malone. It was a lot harder than the first recorder duet I did mainly because of the speed of it! I have to admit… I recorded it a bit slower and then sped it up in Garage Band, because I was going to be up all night trying to get it to tempo if I didn’t! At any rate, here it is!

Molly Malone

While searching for music to play today online, I came across some sheet music of a certain band arranged specifically for recorders! I had to order it by mail and I won’t tell you the band yet, be be on the lookout in a week or so for some more recorder music… rock and roll style! I’m sure everyone will enjoy it!

Anna Grace

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