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Day 31: Skull Quilt Project Square 1

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today’s project is going to be one of several in a series of quilt squares. My favorite 365 project, Skull-A-Day, is currently collecting skull themed quilt squares to make decorative quilts to be auctioned off. All the proceeds will go to Becky’s Fund, which is an organization that helps victims of domestic violence. I hope to do at least 4 of these, if not more, so be on the look out!

At any rate, the quilt squares had to be 12×12″, so I scoured my closet and found a shirt that had a huge hole in it that couldn’t be repaired. I decided that it was a worthy sacrifice :)

The 12×12″ Square

After that, I found some images of skulls online and created a stencil from them. I transferred that onto the back of a scrap piece of fabric. The fabric was an off-white sort of faux leather that I had planned on using in my piece I made for Furniture Design. I cut out all the stencils and just glued them to the square!

Sorry for the blurry picture!

This actually took a lot longer than you would think, because the pleather was really hard to cut! I thought about adding more to this, but I thought with the busy pattern it didn’t need anything else!

Just a heads up to everyone: Next week is going to be INSANE for me because it’s midterms!! I have 3 exams and a paper due!! AND I will be hosting a friend at my house in the middle of all of that!! :shock: ┬áSo, needless to say, I will probably be falling behind a bit on this project! I’m working on a few projects today and tomorrow, so I will hopefully be able to have some prepared for next week, but if I do fall behind, sorry! I will be catching up as soon as possible! Like I said, I will be making more of these skulls, so it may end up being the theme for the week so I can go ahead and get them shipped out!

Thanks for bearing with me through midterm week! The week after next is Spring Break, so I’ll have plenty of time for amazing projects! Possibly even a collaboration with my mom?? :)

Anna Grace

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