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Day 32: Skull Quilt Project Square 2

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Today, I continued my progress in making Skull Quilt Squares for Skull-A-Day’s quilts to be auctioned off for Becky’s Fund. For my second square, I started with a 12×12″ square cut from a t-shirt that had a massive paint stain on the front!

BRIGHT orange square!

Then I took some fibrous purple yarn and crocheted the basic shape of a skull. (By the way, I had no pattern.. just kept looking at a picture of a skull and dropped and added stitches where I thought it looked right!)

Plain Skull… sort of lumpy, but I like it!

After that, I used some gray yarn to crochet some simple flowers in two different sizes.

Flowers. The bigger size is pictured.

After that, I took some pink yarn and added the details of the skull (eyes, nose, mouth). I then placed the skull where I wanted in the square and lightly traced it, and using that as a guide, pierced small holes into the square around the outline. I ¬†used that same pink yarn to sort of sew the skull onto the shirt, using the holes I cut. I also crocheted a little bow! :D (Really wish I had gotten pics of all the steps… sorry!)

I finally completed the square by attaching the flowers in random places. I attached them by piercing 2 small holes right next to each other, pulling the two ends of the flowers through, and finally tying them together on the backside of the square.


I left the petals of the flower loose to add more texture. I’m really happy with how this turned out! I think it’s so fun and cute! It took quite awhile to make because I can’t do too much crocheting in one sitting, but I think it was totally worth it!

By the way, tonight I went to the Tennessee Theatre and saw Spring Awakening! I originally saw this musical on Broadway in 2008, and immediately fell in love! It’s such a unique musical that brings to light issues of young adults that are never discussed. And I absolutely love the rock and roll style music! I recommend that if you ever get the opportunity to see this, GO! There is a lot of sexual content and swearing (just take a look at the song list…), so it’s not for kids or the easily offended, but I love, love, love it!!! It’s currently touring around the country, and I have to say that the cast is AMAZING! Many of them are better than the actors on Broadway! Even if you think you don’t like musicals, you are going to like this one!

Excuse me while I go listen to the soundtrack on repeat for the next 10 years…

Anna Grace

  1. Create A Day » Blog Archive » Day 55 (1 day late): Skull Quilt Project Square 3 Said,

    [...] for Becky’s Fund. For this third skull, I used the same orange t-shirt fabric as I did in the second square. I meant to take pictures as I went, but I got so caught up in making it that I [...]

  2. Abby Davis Said,

    I love it. The textures and colors are different than the other squares we have received. Thanks for participating!

  3. annagrace Said,

    I was so happy to participate! I’m hoping to make some more before mailing the group out!

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