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Day 33: Paula Deen Riding Things!

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

Taking a break from the the Skull Quilt Squares today. I’ve got a bad headache and a thousand things to do, so I’m posting a picture I made a few days ago. I you remember, I mentioned the website Paula Deen Riding Things on day 29. It is pretty dang hilarious, so I decided to use their templates and make my own! :lol:

Paula’s Idea of Heaven

I thought what better to represent Paula Deen than some good fried food? Haha I may have gone a little crazy, but I think it’s funny. :cool: I submitted it to the website, but they haven’t posted it :cry: but I’ll keep an eye out!

Like I mentioned Friday, this week is insane, so please bear with me! There may be days without any posts :???: , but I will catch up ASAP!

Anna Grace

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