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Day 36: Whispering from Spring Awakening

Posted by annagrace under Days 1-100

I’m on a bit of a music kick this week apparently… oh well! I think there are far more art projects thus far anyways, so this will help balance it out a bit.

I’ve done another song from Spring Awakening, Whispering!┬áThis hasn’t necessarily been one of my favorite songs in the musical, but while listening to it today and looking at the sheet music, I realized that I was the perfect range for recorder! Well, for the most part anyways. It sounded ridiculously high on the soprano recorder, so I transposed it for alto (super easy… just used soprano fingerings on the alto recorder). So… I recorded the main part on recorder, then the parts where harmonies were absolutely necessary, I recorder multiple parts… some places it was up to 4 recorder parts!! Then I just recorded me singing Wendla’s part over top of it and voila! Finished piece!


It’s a lot more sparsely orchestrated than the original, obviously, but I sort of like it with out the drums and what not! I have the strong desire to go and audition for a musical now haha :D . Not that I have time… but one can dream!

You know, doing this 365 project reminds me of a lot of fun times growing up. My family is extremely musical, and we all sort of come by it naturally. My best friend, her big sister, my big sister, and I used to spend hours singing and making up harmonies spontaneously! I remember several trips to Hickory, NC where we spent the whole drive singing there and back. :) We were in talent shows a few times also and we always had a lot of fun.

Just FYI, I’ve created this post 2 days in advance and scheduled it’s publishing time on Wednesday, my day with 2 exams! So hopefully this way I won’t get to behind!

Now, to clean… will definitely be blasting Spring Awakening as I do so!

Anna Grace

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